Things to do to improve your car's performance

Your car and your safety

Just like the human body, cars need to be taken care of and maintained for optimized driving performance and safety. Car maintenance should be done in all its parts, both moving and fixed, as well as the inside and outside part of the vehicle. A well-maintained car can often still be usable after 15 years, or more. So here's a basic car maintenance checklist to ensure that your vehicle is providing you with utmost safety and comfort when driving.

Rotate car wheels

Car wheels should be rotated every 4,000 to 6,000 kilometers to ensure stability and balanced wearing off of the tire threads. Remember that the tire wheels are the ones always in contact with the road. They should be durable always to withstand the rigors of everyday travel.

Clean the car brakes as often as needed

Car brakes are your immediate first line of defense against accidents and untoward incidents. Dust always accumulates in car brakes over time; coupled with a combination of road grime and strain from too much braking, it will eventually lose its total dependability in times of immediate need. Clean these dust and grime off with clean water.

Always check the car's tire pressures

It is imperative that you check the tire pressures regularly to ensure car stability when driving, and fuel efficiency. By doing so, wear and tear of the car's tires will be minimized also. For the right tire pressures in different weathers, check your owner's manual.

Replace engine oil regularly

To prolong engine life, replace engine oil regularly after 5,000 or 10,000 kilometers of driving, depending also on the car oil's quality and specifications. The oil cleans the engine's internal parts, removes accumulated dirt produced from fuel combustion and maintains the quality performance of the engine's pistons.

Replace engine coolant as often as needed

Heat accelerates the deterioration of the car's engine. When checking the coolant level, be sure that you put in the required amount as stated in your car's manual. Check the coolant reservoir always and do not forget to re-fill it. It is something that your car cannot go without.

Clean your car's interior and exterior parts

Do not use strong chemicals in cleaning the interior part of your car as these may damage the some parts inside. Just use a soft cloth or water soaked in water. Do the same with the outside of your car. It would be best if you will also apply car wax and have it polished to maintain the car body paint's shine.