Man's best friend, the dog, can make a wonderful pet and a loving and loyal companion for children and adults alike. One of the most important things when owning a dog is training it properly, and many people overlook this, then find themselves with an unruly, over-excitable dog that they feel they can't properly control. It is very easy to train your dog, and with a couple of simple techniques you can teach your dog all the basic commands it should know in order to have a harmonious home.

If you get a puppy it is vital to start training it from the minute it walks in the door. Now this may seem a little harsh as puppies are so cute and adorable, but you must remember, they are learning every second of every day so if they get away with being a little naughty they will remember this, and do it over and over under the guise that it is cute and playful. Puppies and dogs will think nothing of pushing their luck to the limit, and so long as they are getting away with stuff, then the pushing will continue and this is the beginning of potential disobedience. You need to establish yourself as the leader of the household, the dominant pack member, and this way you will gain respect from your dog.

It is important to remember that dogs don't understand what we are saying until we teach them what we mean, so patience is very important when dog training. It is also important to remember that dogs will associate the sounds of words with actions, and whether affection or discipline follows a sound, so positive association is imperative throughout the training process. You will never get your dog to obey your commands if it thinks something bad is going to happen.

All dogs should be taught the basic commands such as sit, stay, no, down and come, these will set you in good stead for future dog training should it be required. Sit is the best command to start with as this gives you the dogs full attention and is a good basis for the other commands. It is fairly easy to teach a dog to sit, you need to get your dogs attention first, the ask it to sit. Now, of course we know that your dog isn't going to understand this word, so it's at this point you apply gentle but firm pressure to it's back, close to it's tail so it puts it's bum on the floor. Get the dog to stand up and go through the process again, you might find your dog picks this up really quickly, or it might take a few attempts, repetition is the key, along with rewarding your dog when it is sitting so it makes the positive association between the word sit and the treat that follows.

This simple technique for dog training can be used to help your dog learn all the commands. Stay is a good one to follow on from sit. Reward based training is the best way to get your dog to learn, and is often the easiest and quickest route to obedience.