What you need to know about your abs

When working out on your abs there are a few key points you need to know and understand before hand. You could work out all you want but the core to seeing your abs is to reduce the amount of fat intake you have. Just a little bit of fat can take away the wash board look.

It is also important to know that genetics plays a part and for some people it may be impossible for them to ever get washboard abs people can see. While a flat trimmed toned core is still sexy its important to understand the was board look just might be out of your control.

Lets move into some simple things you can do every day to start building that rock hard core.

Everyday exercises for a rock hard core and abs

There are a number of exercises you can do to build your core however we will go into those later on. For now we are going to go over how to build a strong core just by what you do every day in your life.

The first thing you need to do is walk and sit up straight. This simple act strengthens your core as you twist and bend throughout your day. It keeps your body in line and work how its suppose to work. People in the old days kept fit not by working out but by understanding these core values. They did not have exercise machines etc.

Simple breathing in and out while you are at work sitting down contract your muscles as you breath in and as you push the air out keep your abs and core contracted. This is a great way to keep your core strong with little effort. Make it a routine thing to do.

Make sure you eat breakfast! It's important to know skipping meals will lead to your metabolism slowing down. If you eat small meals throughout the day it keeps it going and burning fat off your body. Make sure you eat, but spread it out over time you will start seeing the benefits of this quickly.

Building your muscle mass

The key where is to keep your core unbalanced while you work out. Sit ups and crunches don't do a good job of this and instead only work a few muscles in your core. Consider getting a medicine ball in which you can do sit ups. By keeping your core unstable you use all of your muscles to keep yourself in line. This effectively works out your entire mid section.

Lift weights that concentrate on building your lower, mid and upper ab levels but don’t forget about those sides! Consider also doing aerobics such as bicycle kicks, bent knee hip raises and other type exercises . By adding weights to your extremities as you move during these aerobics you can further build muscle mass in your core.