quickest way to lose weightMany have struggled with their weight and have tried almost everything there is just to be healthier and trim. There have been many fad diets, exercise programs and fitness routines that have become popular and died, and still, many remain struggling with weight loss. There are several methods followed by some people who have slimmed down and lost the weight very quickly. This article features several tips who claim that they are the quickest way to lose weight. We shall try to go through their respective advantages and disadvantages.

1. Altering the habits related to the way you eat.

These strategies usually target the psychological aspect of eating. The people who found this most effective noticed that their eating habits are mostly affected by their mindset and environment. People who are usually enticed to eat and binge because they are emotional, with friends who eat a lot, or even colors and other random things in the room are the people who can be helped by these techniques.

Here are some tips that affect the psychological aspect of eating.

a. Eat in smaller plates. This tip distorts your size perception. Eating from a smaller plate makes you think that you're eating a lot, and in turn, you get filled up easily.
b. Use dark colored dinner ware. Bright colors, especially red and yellow are known to stimulate the appetite. Using dark colored plates, cups and bowls can stop the hunger juices from flowing excessively.
c. If you're an emotional eater, look for other ways to deal with your emotions other than eating. Take a walk, play with your pet, write in a journal, talk to other people or exercise! Teach yourself coping behaviour other than eating. This could be the quickest way to lose weight if you are a chronic emotional eater.

2. Diets and habits that take the physiological approach.

These diets and habits directly affect how the body utilizes energy. These approaches involve eating and drinking food and beverage that contain chemicals that alter how the body utilizes energy. This approach also includes physical activity and exercise.

Here are some tips that have physiological effects.

a. Eat foods that make you feel fuller for longer. Usually, these are foods with high fiber and water content. Because of this, you'd be inclined less to eat more. Other than this, these foods would help in flushing out waste and excess water in the body which can make you feel bloated.
b. Drink green tea. Green tea is full of antioxidants and other components that may increase metabolism and protect your cells from damage.
c. Exercise combo: Cardio+ Strength training. Cardio allows you to burn extra calories at the moment of exercise while strength training can make also burns calories, but it also builds muscles with new friends.

These tips may or may not work for you because there are differences for every human being that some tips cannot account for. Find the quickest way to lose weight that is compatible with your body. Remember to ask your doctor before engaging in any fitness program.