Before you start making the site one must first decide what the purpose of the website, and the audience. If you know, we have a better idea whether you own a domain and / or webhosting want.

Things You Will Need

Quickly create a dynamic website for beginners

Before you start making the site one must first decide what the purpose of the website, and the audience. If you know, we have a better idea whether you own a domain and / or webhosting want.

Possibilities are:

1. No private domain and not self-host: one thinks quickly on sites like blogger and freewebs.
2. Own domain and not self-host: eg they can use free hosting as Freehostia, or blogger, but the domain name refer to the content hosted on blogger.
3. Own own domain name and web hosting: We register with a registrar's own domain, and refers them to its own hosting.

This tutorial shows you how even with that last one, which seems the most complicated, yet within one days to establish a website. You are currently a webmaster.

Domain name registration
This one goes to a registrar. * The largest registrar is and is highly recommended. There are cheaper alternatives if (eNom), but this is only cheaper if you want a private registration. Through a WhoIs search-fact can easily come to your registration data and can often lead to telephone and e-mail spam. For one. Com registration you will be contacting SIDN.

Where you register your domain name is not really much difference
There is much competition and registration usually costs less than € 10 a year, depending on which top level domain (TLD) you choose as an end. one. com TLD is more expensive than one. info TLD, for logical reasons. It is important to choose a registrar whose core business is domain names. Godaddy hosting example is not as good compared with Godaddy domain because the domains is the core business. It is also hosting a web host to go into business specializing in web hosting. And it is certainly not recommended, a domain name for a company whose core business is the hosting.

We recommend hosting domains and not in the same company to purchase
The reason for this is that companies can hijack your web site in connection with a dispute. They give the example domain is not free, if you do not like the included hosting, and you want to leave. You can use the court, but then lose much revenue your website at that time was successful. After off-line sites disappear from the rankings of Google. All this trouble for Search Engine Optimization is for nothing.

Webhosting need not be expensive, € 20 to € 60 a year is usually enough for a novice webmaster, with shared hosting. For a dedicated server / hosting exclusive you pay more per month can be € 100 +. Where should we look at the most? In any case, you know that a hosting company with unlimited bandwidth, storage, MySQL databases, etc. provides an unlimited service. Unlimited is impossible. If you think too much bandwidth to receive it is a better idea to go with a hosting company that set specific limits. This way your website is not simply put off-line for "excessive use of bandwidth.

OS web server
You also get a choice of Linux-based or Windows-based hosting. This only concerns the choice of the operating system that runs on the server of the web host. While Windows computers are generally assumed to be less secure than Linux, this may not be in servers. Indeed, Linux servers are more popular than Windows servers, and it is therefore logical to think that viruses are created especially for web servers for Linux. In this way, Linux-based servers dangerous. In practice it for the performance of the website from which the web server based. If it does, what it should do, is enough.

If you plan to advertise your Web site, it can pay to go immediately to a webhost that offers an Adwords credit. Many webhosts U.S. where she is a $ 50 credit when they offer $ 60 per year webhosting. This extract can be very beneficial. Search on "adwords credit" and "host name". Also search for "coupon" extra advantage. A package of $ 80 is sometimes an affiliate for $ 50 through an affiliate coupon.

On each link of domain name and web hosting
If you purchased a domain name and web hosting, it's time to link the two. It does so with the name servers. The name servers use the format ns1 .****. com / en and ns2 .****. com / en. The **** represents the site of the web host. These identify what webhost to your website is stored and applied. Suppose you visit, this must refer to the domain name servers of the web host they use. The name servers are the identifications and there are at least two. This is the minimum quantity. One log-in screen in the management of the website of the registrar, including the "setup domain name server (DNS setup) and fill in both name servers. These name servers shown in the management screen of your web host, often in the tab called "domain setup. When you initially have no website has listed on-line at your domain, there is generally an ad showing the webhost.

Website Design
After one must decide how the Web site designs: the website design. A program like Macromedia Dreamweaver is now suitable only for very time consuming. For beginners who easily dynamic content on their website to publish, as in the form of a blog, but static content, there is a better option. This is installing a content management system (CMS). The most used CMS are Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla. Wordpress is the newest player on the market within a short time become the most popular. We will also focus us on Wordpress. The above CMS'en use the PHP programming language and store the content of your site in one MySQL database. The use of PHP is inevitable, HTML alone is not enough for the required functions. The CMS'en give access to a management screen that is easy to manage the blog database.

Links to website design and Web
It installs on top of this CMS'en web host control panel. The most popular CPanel control panel. This is only available on Linux-based servers. Windows-based servers can use a control panel such as H-Sphere and Helm. For each control panel, there are specialized installation instructions Wordpress. For one uses Cpanel Fantastico to install Wordpress. Fantastico is a script library, it allows users to compose their own scripts like Wordpress install, which acts as a complex web design easier. Fantastico can be used for more than just installing a CMS, for example it may also shop-software, photo management, etc.

Installing Wordpress with Fantastico
Installing Wordpress in CPanel is as follows:

1. Login to CPanel
2. Select Fantastico
3. Select Fantastico Wordpress
4. Select New Installation
5. Complete the form - POP / SMTP server is the same as e-mail server and your domain name - Create a user name and password for your website
6. Install Wordpress and finish

Save time with templates
Ultimately, the purpose of this tutorial as soon as possible to create a website, ready to grow. In the beginning there is only need for a beautiful appearance, the content is gradually added. With a Wordpress template, also called Wordpress theme to download, a big saving in the design of your website. The pages to the top of a template can be divided into sub-pages with static content, while the outputs of the blog post contains dynamic content. Find them on Google for "free Wordpress themes ***". Remember to check the license of the corresponding templates to commercial use.

Now you are ready to make your own website completely finish. Add content to your site and then give to Google, Yahoo, Ilse and other search engines. In this way the web crawlers to index your site. But first add a site map. This ensures that all web crawlers index your pages and nothing missing. You can create an HTML sitemap that is recognized by all search engines, or an XML sitemap that Google prefers. Wordpress is easy with a dynamic HTML or XML sitemap to make using plug-ins, if the blog post ingen Sitemap want to add. To track how many visitors you get, you can use Stat Counter. This counter has a plug-in available for Wordpress. Good luck, and questions are always welcome!

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