Getting a whole house fan installed is a great way to reduce bills and to cool your home down efficiently (especially when compared to air conditioning units).

This being said, most systems are quite loud, particularly ceiling mounted fans that are fitted in between your living area and the loft/attic above. There is however a much better alternative to get a quality quiet whole house fan  -- and these are units which are 'ducted' whereby they are fitted away from your ceiling and can remove heat from numerous spots in and around your home and are well re-known for being whisper quiet in operation (especially compared to the ceiling fan models).

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As the internet seems a bit bare of quiet whole house fan reviews, I thought I'd share some of my research with you (as well as a few friends' opinions) before I made the plunge to have one fitted in my home -- as you can see I have narrowed it down to three main options.

#1 The QC Whole-House Fan Range

Quiet cool are undoubtedly the king manufacturer of modern and quality whole house fans, period. Although, I have featured the 2250 model below that boasts an air flow capacity of 2463 CFM and a sound level of just 45 dB, there is a whole range of models (both much larger and smaller) to choose from depending on your house size and how many ventilation spots. The quietest fan they make is the 1500 classic that produces just 43 DB whereas their #1 best selling Giant Classic whole-house unit fan the QC 4500 operates at 47 DB but can shift a huge 4712 CFM.

QC Manufacturing QuietCool QC 2250 B QuietCool Fan "Classic"
Amazon Price: $799.00 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 20, 2016)

Why are they so quiet? Well as stated just above, because it is a duct whole-house fan it is "remotely mounted in your attic and suspended from rafters" but how the quiet cool fans differ yet further is their unique insulated flex that dampens sounds yet further.

Obviously, each model comes with a different set of specifiacitons (in terms of weight and dimensions) but they all essentially run in the same fashion of corded electric source and a very simple installation. Moreover, they are backed by a 10 year warranty program, so you know that these things are built to last and will pay for itself in that time period. Personally, I wouldn't look any further than the Quiet Cool models.

QC Manufacturing QuietCool QC 4500 B QuietCool Fan "Classic"
Amazon Price: $1,205.00 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 20, 2016)

#2 Air Vent 54301 24 Inch Whole House Unit Fan

Although I am not usually for celing mounted fans as they tend to be loud this highly rated 54301 model seems to be somewhat of an exception to the rule whereby it is extremely well rated (from the amazon reviews) who continuously express it to be one of the most quiet whole house fans they have installed. Granted, I don't have first hand experience with this particular model, but I do feel like it is worth noting for those who are looking for a cheaper option and aren't for some reason a fan of the duct fan units.

Air Vent Inc. 24" Whole House Fan 54301 Attic & Whole House Fans
Amazon Price: $209.99 $206.93 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 20, 2016)

The system works like a typical whole-house fan sucking up air from your house and through into the attic or outside, producing a negative pressure differential in your living areas, drawing in air via your windows etc. It has dimensions of 31.2 x 10.5 x 30.8 inches (this being said the shutter opening is obviously different to the actual fan size) and weighs in at just under 34 lbs. It operates at two speeds on a direct drive mechanism that's capable of 4500 CFM so is ideal for a smaller sized room up to around 1500 square feet. Certainly a fan worth checking out.

#3 Centric Air Ducted Whole-House Fan

This is the other range of models that I was having a comparison with the Quiet Cool range. The centric air fan systems produced in Germany offer a quality range as well that are produced to an extremely high quality in terms of both build and customer service and are of course very, very quiet (some argue to be even more so than the quiet cool models "I had to get back up on the ladder and stick my head up there to make sure it was actually running") along with being pretty much maintenance free and offer the same 10 year warranty that the quiet cool models do too.

Also, something that did appeal greatly to me is just how easy these are to install where no framing is required and they can just fit in between joists (that measure 16 inch and 24 inch on your center joists). Centric air claim it can be all done within 90 minutes, even the most average DIY weekend warrior won't have much difficulty with this. I would say their range might even edge that of the Quiet cool, just they seem to be a bit more expensive.

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