Some of my best articles on Hub Pages and Ezinearticles have been about paper quilling, quilling patterns, etc. For the uninformed quilling is the art of coiling paper and making shapes and objects using different paper shapes. It is a really ancient art but one that is still popular, inexpensive and fun to do.

Creating Your Own Quilling Patterns

As soon as you know the basic quilling shapes you can start creating your own quilling patterns. This can be done simply by breaking any picture you like down into the shapes that you know how to quill.

Creating your own 3D quilling patterns is slightly more difficult as you need to think in a three dimensional view and plan in this way what shapes to use.

Quilling Pattern Books

Another great place to find quilling patterns and ideas is in quilling books. I have a quilling book, 'Paper Quilling' by Malinda Johnson which I think has beautiful patterns in it and even if I don't use the pattern as is it is a great source of quilling ideas.

My Latest Quilling Project

To give you an idea of something you can make with quilling let me share my latest quilling project (shown in the image attached). This weekend I created a little tea set consisting of two cups, two saucers and a teapot.

To do the cups I started by pasting lengths of two white and one red strips of paper and then coiling these and slowly pushing them out into the form of the cups. I then glued the inside of each cup to hold them together. A handle was curved and attached from a plain paper strip cut to size.

The saucers were made by pasting together one red, two white and another red strip of paper and coiling these into a tight circle. I then put some glue on the bottom side to hold them in shape.

The teapot was slightly more complicated to make so I will not go into those details here but feel free to contact me if you need them or to purchase Malinda Johnson's 'Paper Quilling' book where I actually got these ideas from.

Paper quilling is a fun hobby and one that is relatively inexpensive since the main ingredients are paper and glue. You can either create your own quilling patterns or use books for patterns or quilling ideas.