Quit smoking, if not for you, then at least consider your pets. If you have a cat or dog or other types of pets, second hand smoke, can be a killer for them.

Their lungs are much smaller, they clean themselves and ingest toxins, and you shorten not only your life, but the life of your pets, so if you are looking for additional reasons to quit smoking, then consider the pets. Or face the vetinarian bills later on, as well as your own health bills..

Example: The Story of Muffin

I have a good friend, that has one really bad habit, and that is smoking. She smokes a pack a day, and so did her ex-husband. Not only was she always short of money, but she always smoked in her house, which no matter how much she cleaned, just always had the smell of a ash tray.

The day came, that her and her hubby were planning to separate, and since the kids were grown up and gone, they had to sell the house and deal with the pets, as they could not take them to their apartments.

They found a home for the dog, but no one wanted the cat. Her name is Muffin, and she looked a sorry sight. She had a permanent greasy and dull look to her fur, her eyes were watery and her ears down. She also sounded like she had a cold. My friend was convinced her cat had "allergies" But as a non-smoker myself, when I went to visit her to see how the packing was going, I couldn't stand to be in that house more than 5 minutes. We usually met somewhere else, so this was the longest I had been in her house. Muffin was only two years old.

They had to let their house go for a bargain, due to the smell, and these poor animals. She really did not see anything wrong with it.

She was going to give the cat to the animal society, and I knew they wouldn't have the funds to take care of her, so I took her home. She gave me all of her toys, food and bed, and I had to throw them away. I brought them all home, and they just held the smell. I washed the ones I could, but basically replaced everything. She had this crazy idea, that because the cat walked so close to the ground, she wouldn't get much of the second hand smoke.. Even my husband, who is a ex-smoker, found the cat repulsive at first.

Well all I can say, is three months and $450.00 dollars later, she became a happy and healthier cat. Although we will never know how many years were knocked off her life from that second hand smoke. She was a lap sitter, and would sit with them while they were smoking and obviously ingest all these toxins. Quit Smoking around the pets!

I wanted to get her spayed, and the veterinarian, said we had to get rid of all her congestion, and get her health back first. She had inflammation in her lungs, and was put on medicine. I tried to bath her with a dry shampoo, to get rid of the brown staining that was on her fur, just like those nicotine stains on fingers, she had it on her fur. She was then cleaning her fur with her tongue and ingesting even more toxins.

She is now lovable, healthy, with shiny fur and bright eyes, and purrs without extra congestion sounds.

I love my friend, but was very angry with her and her smoking around the pets. She still smokes heavy, but at least she has not taken on any pets.

Many people worry about smoking around other people, but pets suffer too!

If you just can't quit smoking, or are not ready yet, at least go outside. My friend would always go outside to smoke when her kids lived at home, but as soon as they went away to school, she started smoking in the house, forgetting that the pets would suffer too!

If you made a New Year's Resolution to take care of your health by quitting smoking, you will not only help yourself and save money, you will save future vet bills. That has to be a "win win" doesn't it?