Quit Smoking (29746)5 Step Plan for Quitting Smoking

Trying to quit smoking is like telling a child he can't have candy, the problem with this theory is the brain has already become programmed for the effect of what smoking does to the brain and the body, or what candy does for a child. The body loves the feeling of how taking that first puff in the morning, gives a sense of relaxation stress free for a moment for you to contemplate about the day, actually a time for yourself.

Most smokers already know the risk of smoking, the cravings, the cancer you get after years of puffing, aging that smoking causes, etc. But let's talk about how to plan for quit smoking, what steps a smoker should take to quit for life. Planning to quit smoking, it takes preparation; here are 5 steps to get you started.

1. Prepping for the Date to Quit Smoking.

Like with anything in life you must prepare for quit smoking, writing down how you want to quit, what type of method you're going to use to quit smoking, and who you're going to use for advice or support therapy. By taking the time to put a plan into action and writing about will give you tools for success in quitting smoking.

2. Method for Quitting Smoking.

What works for one person to quit smoking doesn't always work for the next, it may take several attempts until you find the right method for quitting smoking, whether it is drug enhanced by a doctor, or an over the counter method. Be sure to take in the physical dependencies you have and your emotional tip-offs on how you're going to handle stress, anger, and sheer boredom.

3. Creating New Habits versus Smoking Habits

Ok the next plan of action is what are you going to do instead of smoking, chewing a piece of gum instead of taking drag after breakfast, going for a jog or a walk with your dog, sitting down and playing a TV game. Stay clear of places that induce the urge to light up, restaurants, or casinos.

4. Surrounding Yourself with a Support Group

Every time you get the urge to light up, having a support group, friends, or family members that you can call upon when you're having a difficult time with passing up that craving is going to help you tremendously with working it out. Or if you have no one you can count on, you could call 800-Quit-Now to talk to a coaching quit staff in your local area.

5. Quit Smoking Mind over Matter

Being successful in kicking the smoking habit, is taking one step at a time, if you pass one craving then try for two, three and so on, create a goal for passing five cravings or puffs. Like rewarding yourself with something positive, and reminding yourself about why you're trying to quit smoking.