Becoming healthier is only one factor in why people quit smoking today. Many people have planned to stop for a long time. Nowadays smoking cigarettes or using other tobacco products has a huge direct impact on their livelihood and how much discretionary money they have to spend. Quitting smoking today can put a small fortune back into your pocket over time.

Given today's increase in the retail value of almost everything in the market the cost of cigarettes is becoming to be an expensive habit. It really gets worse if you have a 2 or 3 pack a day habit. Most smokers begin with just a few cigarettes every day and gradually smoke more until they are at 1 plus packs of cigarettes daily. This is simply because the need for nicotine is required to feed their nicotine addiction continues to increase daily. The cost of smoking goes up accordingly until that cost is used as one of the primary factors in quitting smoking.

Long gone are the days when cigarettes cost less than 10 cents per pack. Now many cost somewhere between 6 and 8 dollars a pack. Imagine working, at today's minimum wage, 2 or 3 hours each day to support your nicotine addiction. Then you have to think about the days you don't work and that adds to the expense. Smoking can become quite costly. Look at how much it is actually costing you on a monthly basis and multiply that times 12. You will get a pretty good picture of the true cost of your habit.

This does not even begin to cover the cost of missed work and medical problems. Consider that if you quit smoking today your cost would go down to zero, immediately. Quite a thought isn't it?

Other associated costs to consider if you continue to smoke is the continued cost of dry cleaning and dental work to get your teeth whitened. Everyone who smokes pays an increased premium for life and health insurance. After a couple of years of not smoking these costs go down dramatically.

Think of how your car smells after years of smoking inside of it. It smells just about like your house does if you smoke in it. Many people will not buy someone's car or house if they know a smoker has owned them.

Smoking at work places is getting tougher as the years go by. Many work places do not let people smoke on their property anymore. Some don't even allow a person to smoke in their car while that car is on company property. It does not matter if you are visiting or work there. Many studies have shown that smokers earn less money and have the risk of becoming unemployed by companies with no-smoking policies.

So, as you can see, quitting smoking can definitely help you financially. It can help you meet your necessary day-to-day expenses without any more undue hardship on yourself or your family. Isn't it time to quit smoking?