There are many different types of quit smoking hypnosis. Each one works differently, although all of them share the same basis of putting the subject into a hypnotic trance. Some types of smoking hypnosis attempt to induce a deep trance, while others only use a light trance. Some of these hypnosis programs can be delivered via a CD or can even be done on your own. Others need to be performed by properly licensed hypnotherapists.

Certain methods of quit smoking hypnosis work directly, targetting and attacking the act of smoking itself. One of the simplest and most often described techniques is to anchor the smell of cigarette smoke and the taste of the cigarette to that of garbage or something else equally unpleasant to the smoker. In this way, every time the smoker lights up a cigarette, he will feel nauseated by the smell of garbage. This smoking hypnosis method is simple enough to be performed by untrained laymen, so simple that many self-help auto-hypnosis (or self hypnosis) and NLP books give full instructions on how to do it. This is also the method of choice used in many cheaper self hypnosis CDs.

A common variation to this method is to make the smoker feel nauseous whenever he smokes. This technique can still be done on your own without the help of a hypnotist, but it is more commonly described in case studies of assisted quit smoking hypnosis by licensed hypnotherapists. While both of these techniques work, they can be problematic for those who are exposed to secondhand cigarette smoke in their daily life, for example those whose bosses chain smoke or real estate agents who may have to show smoking customers around. For cases like this, it is preferable to anchor the smell of garbage or feeling of nausea to a specific gesture or action of smoking, for example taking a cigarette out of its pack or lighting up its tip.

Another relatively simple method of quit smoking hypnosis is to substitute smoking with a different action. This can work well for people who have something else that they would rather do instead of smoking. This alternative action has to be practical and it has to be reasonably enjoyable. This can be a very effective solution for those who smoke because they get bored or just to burn time until they have some work to do. Some substitute actions would be chewing gum or sucking on a sugarless mint.

Apart from direct attacks on the act of smoking, the other main set of quit smoking hypnosis techniques attacks the cause of smoking. One common reason many people light up is due to stress. A lot of people have one or two persons with whom they have a hard time dealing. After their interactions with their specific problem person, these people feel the strong urge to smoke away their feelings of frustration. A good therapist would quickly uncover this and be able to use hypnosis to help their client deal better with these situations. Because there is a specific situation that triggers the urge to smoke, this sort of smoking hypnosis treatment can also be practically delivered using self help CDs.

There are also many people who smoke as a means of coping with a great deal of general stress in their lives. There is no specific quit smoking hypnosis for them. However, learning simple self hypnosis to reduce their stress can quickly pay extra dividends in helping them kick the need to smoke. You can also find CDs and MP3 files which use hypnotic techniques to help you eliminate the stress you feel, and these can be faster and easier shortcuts for some people.

Depression is another cause of smoking for a number of people. Nicotine seems to have a small anti-depressant effect, but if a therapist can replace this need with medication or hypnosis to help the patient feel better about themselves, these patients will also quickly lose any urge to smoke. There are also relatively affordable self-hypnosis CDs and MP3 audio files which claim to help alleviate mild depression. For smokers on a budget, these are worth a try.

Depending on why you started smoking in the first place, and why you are continuing to smoke, it may be necessary to consult your doctor or therapist for advice and specific treatments. However, professional medical and psychological advice can be very expensive, and those who cannot afford them may need a different course of action. Many people have found that a little bit of introspection will help them uncover the main reasons why they smoke. From there, they just have to be patient to experiment with various methods of quit smoking hypnosis until they find the one which works best for them. One point needs to be noted - many people need continuing treatment to maintain the strength of the hypnotic conditioning which helps them to quit smoking.