Quit Smoking Now

'Smoking kills' everyone is familiar with these kind of messages on your cigarette package. Most of the smokers do want to stop smoking but they just can't. Some people tried everything to get rid of their addiction, some haven't.

The use of tobacco products leads most commonly to diseases affecting the heart and lungs, with smoking being a major risk factor for strokes, heart disorders and cancer. Smoking will also increases the risk of Crohn's disease as well as the painfull severity of the course of the disease.

It is estimated by the World Health Organization that tobacco caused more than 5 million deaths in 2004 alone. As you would analyze the overall death rate caused by smoking tobacco in the 20th century about 100 million people have died due to smoking.

There are ways to get rid of your addiction! Your clothes will no longer carry a smoke scent, your lungs will be filled with fresh air and you save tons of money! Quit Smoking Today!

Choose for longetivity by quitting now! Here are some easy to follow strategies:

1. Cold Turkey

You decide that you have smoked your last cigarette or cigar and you will NEVER smoke one again. Not ever! The supposed advantage is that by not actively using supplements, the person avoids thinking about the smoking habit and its temptation, and avoids further feeding the chemical addiction. The supposed disadvantages related to the abuse, misuse or overcompensation of other drugs, foods and routines. You should remember that you there will may occur some drug withdrawal symptoms from the total absence, which may cause tremendous stress on the heart and blood vessels.

2. Nicotine Patches

You can reduce your cigarette consumption by sticking nicotine patches at your arms. It depends on your average amount of smokes how much plasters or patches you should apply. You will be able to gradually cut down your nicotine and cigarette intake. Downpoint of this strategy is that you can easily fall back in your smoking routine. Many people start trying this method because it seems the most comfortable way to quit smoking.

3. Electronic Cigarette

These electronic cigarettes look like cigarettes put they don't produce any smoke or scent. They even look like cigarettes and have a small light in the top of the cigarette. The e-cigarette does give the user a shot of nicotine! A convenient, slightly silly way of getting rid of your addiction.