Smoking addiction has two components. First, there's a physical and psyhological dependence on nicotine. The body craves nicotine and undergoes withrawal symtoms when it doesn't get it regularly - a true sign of addiction. Smoking also involves a lifestyle component , or a habit . Smoking becomes a ritual associated with everyday tasks such as talking on the phone or taking 15 minutes smoke break .

Habit are formed by repetitions . A pack - a day smoker repeats the hand - to - mouth ritual of lighting and puffing on a cigarette about 200 times a day . That's 73,000 times a year . In addition some smokers seem to associate the feel, smell and sight of a cigarette - as well as the rituals of getting , handling , lighting , and smoking the cigarettes - with pleasurable effects of smoking. When this smokers try to quit , this association can make the symtoms of withdrawal or craving worse.

Physically , the reason to quit are numerous . Quiting means confronting and dealing with dependence on nicotine and finding other habits or making lifestyle changes to accomodate something to take its place.

Let's take a look when you smoke ;

BRAIN; When you smoke with in 7 seconds of inhaling smoking , feel good chemicals called endorphins are released , stimulating pleasurable feelings and masking pain . Cell that attract nicotine molecules increase , creating cravings and addictive sensations .

When you stop : You'll feel temporarily grouchy and blue. Because your body has to learn to manufacture its own endorphins naturally , again . Try exercise, laughter , relaxation , walking to recharge your body !

TEMPERAMENT ; When you smoke your body's ability to absorb caffeine is blocked .

When you quit , You'll have to cut back on caffeine because the amount you consumed while smoking will deliver a bigger than - normal jolt .

LUNGS ; When you smoke cells turned red , swell , harden and die as smoke robs them of needed oxeygen . Eventually, breathing becomes difficult and lung cells can turn cancerous .

When you quit : Swollen , red lung cell begin to improve and heal . Lung function can return to normal in about three months .

HEART ; When you smoke and its by products rob the heart of oxygen , triggering the production of plaque and clogged arteries . Blood pressure increases as the heart works harder to oxygenate and cieculate the rest of the body. Hands and feet turn cold as blood flow is restricted .

When you quit : The heart beats easier with enough oxygen to do its job, blood pressure declines and arteries clear out naturally . Sensations of warmth return to the hands and feet . Heart health may return to normal in about two years .