If You Have Been Having Trouble Quitting, There May be Help With Text Messages

A recent study show that if you ask family members and friends to send you text messages throughout the day to remind you of the importance of quitting for example: live to see your daughter graduate, live to see your grandchildren, walk up a flight of stairs and still be able to breath, lowers risk of lung cancer, lowers risk of other diseases, give your family peace of mind and so forth, helps you stick to your stop smoking attempts.  The study also showed that if those text messages also provide encouragement and tips on getting past cravings that also helps.  In the new study, smokers who received supportive text messages every day for five weeks after their official "quit" date, they were twice as likely to successful quit smoking than those who did not receive text messages from family and friends.

More about the TXT2STOP Double Blind Study

This study, featured in the Lancet, a UK Medical Journal, discussed the results of its "txt2stop) double blind study.  Where 5,800 smokers were split into two groups.  The txt2stop group who received text messages and the control group who received regular text messages unrelated to smoking.  The conclusion of the study is that texting should be considered in any "stop smoking" service.

So if you are desperate to stop smoking and you have tried everything, try using text messages to reinforce what you are already doing.  Arrange with your family an friends that they text message you at different times during the day.  Ask them to send you inspirational messages, reasons why you should quite smoking and advice on how to curb your cravings.  They can even send you picture text messages which can be very convincing if it is the picture of what smoking does to your lungs, or even jokes to lift your mood and take your mind off smoking. 

Whatever "smoking cessation program or plan" you are using, add text messaging to it and see how much it helps you in your stop smoking endeavor. Texting can get expensive, but there are cell phone plans you can get with unlimited text messaging for pictures and for text.  The only thing that matters is that you do everything in your power to quit smoking.  According to Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, smoking causes  diseases in the body, other than lung cancer.  Smoking also harms others, not only because of second-hand smoking but harms them emotionally because they are just waiting for the day you will take ill and they will not be able to do anything to help you. For those who love you, they will be happy to help you step closer to your goal of smoking cessation by sending you these text messages daily. Even if it is just to say "I love you, keep up the good work!"



The Lancet: Smoking Cessation Delivered Via Mobile Phone Text Messaging





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