Quit Your Job and Get a Real Life

The reality of working for a living

Why would you not want to quit your job? You go to work for someone else, spend your valuable time getting to work (which you are not paid for) spend all day at work (when you could be doing much more productive things) then spend more valuable time travelling home after work. It doesn’t make sense to do that day after day, week after week for the rest of your life – you’re worth more than that.

What about money if I quit my job?

Yes it is important, yes we need it to do annoying things like eat and have a roof over our heads but really, honestly, the world does not revolve around your job. How secure do you think your job really is anyway? If you get sacked what will you do for money then? Wouldn’t it be the smart thing to do to put something in place for that eventuality? Or better yet, start building your passive income so you can take some control and quit your job on your own terms... let’s face it, you’ve got better things to do.

If I quit my job what will I do with myself?

That’s entirely up to you but me, I’d be putting all my energy in to creating something that is going to continue to pay off for me in the future. Like creating a source of residual passive income for example. The great thing about passive income is that it keeps coming despite your efforts. You may work for a while at one project for creating passive and then shift focus to another venture. You will continue to reap the rewards from your previous venture while you work on your current one – cool huh!

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So the only thing that’s stopping me from generating passive income is my job?

Well no not really. Technically you can continue to work at your job and then work at night to generate passive income so that one day you can quit your job. The thing about doing it this way is that it will take longer to generate the passive income because of the limited amount of work you are able to do on your projects. Your job is in the way. If you want to fast track your way to passive income then make it your full time job – get into business for yourself!

Quitting my job will make me rich? Are you insane?

Well if you want things to change, you have to change the way you're doing things. Think about it. If you dedicate the hours you currently spend at your job working for someone else to working for yourself and generating a stream of passive income for your future – you’ll be so much more successful at it right? If you work 40 hours a week at a job and manage to spend an hour a night (after family time, housework, other chores and meals) that means you’re practically gifting 40 hours a week to someone else for a pittance and leaving 2 and a half hours a week for yourself. Sure it’s better than nothing, but if you quit your job and work at generating passive income for yourself you will get a real life.