It's obvious that quitting smoking is healthier and very beneficial for you than it would be if you continued your habit. Please do consider that when you do quit there is much more than just the long-term benefits. The first real benefit is that your body will enjoy that fresh clean air you will be inhaling rather than being beaten down by the carcinogens and other injurious things in tobacco. Quitting smoking may be the best thing you can do for yourself and the ones you love.

The first twenty minutes after you have had your last smoke is when your body starts to make changes in your overall health. Two things that take place almost immediately is that your blood pressure drops to a better level and your heart rate goes into a healthier rhythm. After 12 hours your carbon monoxide levels drop to normal levels.

When you have quit smoking for a couple of months you will find that your lungs start to function better. You may now be able to walk up a flight of stairs without gasping or wheezing. With this improved lung function your circulation also starts improving.

Sometime during the first 9 months of quitting smoking you will find that you no longer cough as much as you used to and you may actually be able to take deeper breaths. The cilia in your lungs are now able to move all that mucous out making your lungs clearer. Your lungs will actually begin to function better and feel cleaner.

When you celebrate your first year after quitting smoking you should make your first toast to life because your risk of coronary heart disease is cut in half from what is was when you were smoking cigarettes daily.

Interestingly enough, a major benefit you will be able to take advantage of is that over the course of the next five to ten years your risk of stroke is reduced. Your lung cancer death rate is half that of a smoker's and other cancers, such as those of the throat, mouth, bladder, and pancreas are cut as well. All this because you decided to stop smoking.

Health is an obvious choice in quitting smoking, but there are other immediate benefits as well. One of them may be that you may have damaged you physical appearance such as premature aging, yellowing nails and teeth, and a foul odor clinging to your hair and clothes.

When you stop smoking your skin starts to immediately repair itself. All the nasty lingering smells go away. Your breath starts to smell fresher and you can now take action to whiten your teeth with over-the-counter teeth whiteners. These are external benefits that others will notice right away when you quit smoking.

You may begin to notice some improvement in other areas of your life when that last cigarette has been smoked. I think the two you will notice very effectively is your sense of taste and smell. You will begin to really enjoy the taste of your food and your nostrils will be sharpened to the flavor provided in the smell.

Your wife, husband, children, significant other, or other family members will think it's great that you quit smoking and love you all the more for it. Quitting smoking means you will begin to have better self-esteem and a more positive outlook in all things you do. You will just “feel” better about yourself.