The greatest remake of the classic horror love story comes to life again in these quotes.

Bram Stoker DraculaCredit:

Isn’t it strange that everyone expects award-winning movie dialogue from dramas, but are completely surprised when they pop up in a horror film such as 1992’s Bram Stoker’s Dracula? This is another scary movie that shatters the myth that award-winning dialogue doesn't belong in the horror genre. The picture was based on the 1897 novel of the same name and directed by Francis Ford Coppola. An excellent film full of well-known sayings that can be heard most often around Halloween.

Famous Movie Quotes from Bram Stoker’s Dracula 

Acting Credits

Anthony Hopkins – Van Helsing/Cesare
Bill Campbell – Quincey P. Morris
Cary Elwes – Lord Arthur Holmwood
Gary Oldman – Dracula
Keanu Reeves – Jonathan Harker
Richard E. Grant – Dr. Jack Seward
Sadie Frost – Lucy Westenra
Winona Ryder – Mina Murray/Elisabeta

Dracula (played by Gary Oldham)
Gary Oldham as DraculaCredit: the howling wolves) "Listen to them. The children of the night. What sweet music they make."
• "Do you believe in destiny? That even the powers of time can be altered for a single purpose? That the luckiest man who walks on this earth is the one who finds… true love?"
• "You will, I trust, excuse me if I do not join you. But, I have already dined, and I never drink… wine."
• (to Jonathan Harker) "They say you are a man of good… taste."
(Dracula sees that Harker has cut himself shaving) "Take care how you cut yourself; it is more dangerous than you think."
(Dracula breaks a shaving mirror) "A foul bauble of man’s… vanity. Perhaps you should grow a beard."
(after seeing a crucifix around Harker’s neck) "Do not put your faith in such trinkets of deceit! We are in Transylvania, and Transylvania is not England. Our ways are not your ways. And, to you, there shall be many strange things."
• "Yes, I too can love. And I shall love again."
• "Do you think you can destroy me with your idols? I who served the cross, I who commanded armies, hundreds of years before you were born."
• "I am the monster that breathing men would kill. I am Dracula."
• "The blood is the life… and it shall be mine."
• "There is much to be learned from beasts."
• "We Draculs have a right to be proud! What devil or witch was ever so great as Attila whose blood flows through these veins?"
• "I condemn you to living death. To eternal hunger for living blood."
• "Absinthe is the aphrodisiac of the self. The green fairy who lives in the absinthe wants your soul. But you are safe with me."
• "I have crossed oceans of time to find you."
• "I shall rise from my own death, to avenge hers with all the powers of darkness."
• "The victories of my great race are but a tale to be told. I am the last of my kind."
• "There is no life in this body."
(dying words to Mina) "Give me peace."

Jonathan Harker (played by Keanu Reeves)
Keanu Reeves as Jonathan StarkerCredit:• "The Count, the way he looked at Mina’s picture fills me with dread. As if I have a part to play in a story that is not known to me."
(voice over) "Dawn. These may be the last words I write in this journal. Dracula has left me with these women; these devils of the pit. They drain my blood to keep me weak, barely alive so I cannot escape. Though I’ll try one last time today to escape to the water. There must be passageway to the river. And then away from this cursed land, where the Devil and his children still walk with earthly feet."
• "Doctor, you must understand. I doubted everything, even my mind. I was impotent with fear."

Lucy Westenra (played by Sadie Frost)
• "Oh Quincy, please let me touch it. It’s so big." (while pulling out his Bowie knife)
(to Mina) "Is your ambitious John Harker forcing you to learn that ridiculous machine? When he could be forcing you to perform unspeakable acts of desperate passion on the parlor floor!"

Mina Murray (played by Winona Ryder)
(voice over) "Lucy is a pure and virtuous girl. But, I admit that her free way of speaking shocks me sometimes. Jonathan says it is a defect of the aristocracy that they say what they please. The truth is that I admire Lucy, and I'm not surprised that men flock around her. I wish I were as pretty and as adored as she."

Van Helsing (Sir Anthony Hopkins)
Anthony Hopkins as Van HelsingCredit: over) "Contrary to some beliefs, the vampire, like any other night creature can move about by day, though it is not his natural time and his powers are weak."
(about Lucy) "She lives beyond the grace of God, a wanderer in the outer darkness. She is "vampyr", "nosferatu". These creatures do not die like the bee after the first sting, but instead grow strong and become immortal once infected by another nosferatu. So, my friends we fight not one beast but legions that go on age after age after age, feeding on the blood of the living."
(while preparing to kill Lucy) "A moment’s courage and it is done. Take the stake in your left hand. Place in front of the heart. And in God’s name strike. Do it now."
• "So, Mr. Harker. I must now ask you, as your doctor, a sensitive question. During your infidelity with those creatures, those demonic women, did you for one instant taste of their blood?"
(about Dracula) "He was in life a most remarkable man. His mind was great and powerful, but greater is the necessity to stamp him out and destroy him utterly."
• "We’ve all become God’s madmen, all of us."

Other Memorable Quotes from Dracula
Gypsy: (handing Harker a crucifix) "For the dead travel fast."
Renfield: "I’m no lunatic man! I’m a sane man fighting for his soul!"
Dr. Jack Seward: "I feel like a blundering novice!"

Great Dialogue Snippets from the Film
Mina: How did Lucy die?

Van Helsing: Well…
Mina: Was she in great pain?
Van Helsing: Ya, she was in great pain! Then we cut off her head, and drove a stake through her heart, and burned it, and then she found peace.
Jonathan Harker: (choking on wine) Doctor!

Van Helsing: We are dealing with forces beyond all human experience, and enormous power. So guard her well. Otherwise, your precious Lucy will become a bitch of the Devil! A whore of darkness!

Quincey P. Morris: Well, you’re a sick old buzzard!
Van Helsing: Hear me out, young man. Lucy is not a random victim, attacked by mere accident, you understand? No. She is a willing recruit, a breathless follower, a wanton follower. I dare say a devoted disciple. She is the Devil’s concubine!

Van Helsing:
Yet, we may still save her precious soul. But, not on an empty stomach! Jack!

Dr. Jack Seward: Yes, sir?
Van Helsing: Ah! I starve! Feed me!

Oh, look.

Mina: What is that?
Lucy: A Texan - Quincey P. Morris. He’s so young and fresh, like a wild stallion between my legs!

Van Helsing:
Mr. Morris, your bullets will not harm him. He must be beheaded. I suggest you use your big Bowie knife.

Quincey: Well, I wasn’t planning on getting that close, Doc.

I know this place.

Van Helsing: The end of the world.

Richard E Grant as Dr Jack SewardCredit: imdb.com7-
(about Lucy) Hello gents. And how is our lovely patient today?

Dr. Jack Seward: Well, frankly Arthur… I’m confounded.
Quincey: Oh, Jack. Are you still brooding over Miss Lucy?
Dr. Jack: I can only conclude it must be something mental.
Arthur: How very droll. You hear that, Quince? Last week he wanted to marry her and now he wants to have her committed.

Van Helsing:
Jack. Come here. I know how deeply you loved her. That is why you must trust me and believe.

Dr. Jack Seward: Believe? How can I believe?
Van Helsing: I want you to bring me, before nightfall, a set of postmortem knives.
Dr. Jack: An autopsy? On Lucy?
Van Helsing: No, no, no. Not exactly. I just want to cut off her head and take out her heart.

Quincey: Now Miss Lucy. Miss Lucy, you just rest easy. Arthur sent me to take care of you. He said if you don’t get better right quick, I have to put you out of your misery, like a lame horse.
Lucy:Quincey… you’re such a beast. Will you kiss me, Quincey? Kiss me. Kiss me. (Lucy goes in to bite the neck as he leans close)

Arthur: (about Lucy) Forgive me, sir. My life is hers. I would give my last drop of blood to save her.
Van Helsing:The last drop? Thank you, you’re very welcome here. I do not ask as much as that… not yet.

• The blood is life.
• Love never dies.

Closing Thoughts
There are a lot of good scary movies that are made from year to year that entertain the fans well enough to keep them coming back for more. There are not, however, many that excite both fans and major award organizations. Dracula may be considered as one of those great horror films full of horror movie quotes that you just have to see.

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