The Battle Of Jericho is a young adults novel by Sharon M. Draper. In the novel, a group of young boys gets asked to join a very elite club called the Warriors of distinction. The club is very popular in the school that these boys attend. Jericho is one of the boys and he is the main character. He is the son of a police officer. The story takes place in Cincinnati, Ohio. Jericho is asked to join the club along with his cousin Josh and friend Kofi. Dana is a girl who is not invited to join the club, but is determined to anyway. In the novel, the boys get asked to meet in a private place late a night, there they meet other young kids who were chosen to join the Warriors. The Warriors on the outsider looks like a great club, constantly hosting charity events doing other activities, but on the inside the club is different. Known for hosting amazing partys with alcohol, the club is highly respected the the community among young people. The members always were the newest stuff and get many perks.

In the private meeting place Joshua and the other boys are hazed. Dana so determined to join, shows up to the meeting and is hazed with the boys. As the kids go through their training to join the club, they are forced to do many things such as steal and sneak out at night. On their final meeting where they commit to the club by taking a leap of faith, the kids are given alcohol and told to jump out of a 2 story window. All the boys successfully make it except Joshua. Joshua  jumps out the window and falls on his head causing him to die.  When Joshua jumps from the building and falls, someone immediately calls the police and gets an ambulance. It is too late though, Joshua is dead. Once the police get there though, everyone is interrogated and the truth about the club comes out. People realize that it is not what it seems. A huge investigation is opened up and the community is outraged. The story ends were Jericho plays his trumpet mourning over the death of his cousin.




Quote:"All of us have been where you are tonight,"

Quote:”The three boys had almost finished lunch when two seniors sauntered across the crowded cafeteria. they wore black silk jackets,black jeans, and the very latest ,most expensive Nike shoes. Jericho recognized them immediately - everyone in school knew the Warriors of Distinction.”

Quote:“They had a reputation of giving the very best parties- you had to know somebody just to get an invitation. Kids who had been to these functions Came back boasting about the live entertainment, the upscale houses where the parties had been held, and the easy access to kegs and smokes. But the warriors also had a positive reputation with adults. The club was well known for collecting and distributing books to kids in the summer and toys in the winter.”

Quote:"I know that's kind of amazing-that a club could last so long-but I think it's because of the kind of members we have and because of the good things we do."

Quote:"What we say here is to be absolute secrecy".

Quote:"I'm ready for the challenge. Are you ready for me?"

Quote:"Between now and the last week of this month, anything that a pledge master asks you to do-anything," he repeated, looking directly at Dana, "you are required to do."

Quote:"It would put me on the inside instead of being with everything else on the outside."

Quote:"How dare somebody hit him like that! He didn't have to take this!"

Quote:"heres the list"Eddie replied "One ripe unpeeled banana, one whole peeled grapefruit, one used baby diaper, one whole pizza -uncut but not in its box- a shoe, a large rock, a wig, and a gun"

Quote:"As they rooted around for the gun in the stinking trash, Jericho thought about Mr. Boston and his warnings. Was this hazing? He wasn't sure."

Quote:"i can do it myself"

Quote:"What part of their character was built tonight?"

Quote:“Josh was dead.”

Quote:"The daytime stuff was pretty straight-like helping teachers and janitors. But some of the nighttime things made me feel uncomfortable."

Quote:"When we did the leap of faith, we jumped from a chair, Jericho"

Quote:“But I think maybe we better not see so much of each other. You need more time to deal with grief, and my friends need me now."

Quote:"What about you, Dana?" Madison asked."Are you sorry you tried to pledge?”

Quote:"He would have made jokes about how puffy your eyes look, November"

Quote:“The music flowed quietly to just a whisper. It needed as josh did in silence.