Beacon Hill Boys is a young adults novel, written by Ken Mochizuki. Beacon Hill Boys takes place in Seattle in 1972. The story is about Dan Inagaki, who is a teenager growing up during the Vietnam war. Dan is an underachiever. His brother Brad, is a model student, winning perfect grades, and being a perfect athlete. Brad is going to college in the novel so he will not have to join the army. Dan does not perform well in school becomes a rebel.  Dan is Japanese American, and consistently fights to have Japanese American history and other things taught in his school.  A conflict immediately occurs in the novel when Dan and his 3 friends, get worried that they will be drafted for the war. They might not go to college like Dans brother, so they may be forced to join the Vietnam war.

 On top of these conflicts, Dan is causing issues in his school by fighting for more liberty's. He helps form a group of Japanese American students who petition to have Japanese American history taught in schools. Dans parents do not like him causing issues. They are unwilling to talk about there past and wish that he could be more like his brother. Dan's father had very interesting expiriences during world war 2 and Dan is interested to know what happened. No one in Dans community likes to talk about the past, but Dan is determined to find out.

Dan and his friends dabble in drugs while at highschool, using LSD and Marijuana among other things. Dan has a near death experience when he uses LSD and falls into a pool, trapped. Dan thinks that the bottom of the pool is the top and almost drowns until his friends pull him out. As the story progresses, Dan changes his view of his family and life. The story ends were Dan is in his car outside a girls house, debating on whether to go in or not. Dan had liked the girl for a long time and never had the guts to confront her.


Below I have compiled a list of some memorable quotes from the novel. Below the Quotes are the page numbers, from which they came from.


Quote:“Coach never did- and never would, I'd bet- make a crack like that about one of the black guys.”
Page 24

Quote:“Jerry Ito sounded stoned. He cruised into the SAC with his music  machine playing Billy Preston's “Outaspace.””
Page 34

Quote:“He peered at me over the tops of his bifocals and grunted, “I don't care about any Japanese history. We only teach American history around here.”
Page 43

Quote:“That was something that happened a long time ago,” he replied without looking at me. “Today and tomorrow is all you need to worry about. We don't dwell on the past around here.”
Page 42

Quote:“But these “camps” happened in the U.S And people in these camps were American Citizens. Didn't that make it American history?”
Page 43

Quote:“Moore rolled on. “You and your people started it, man. You just got what was comin' to ya.”
Page 47

Quote:“Frank's older sister, caught up with us. A cheerleader at Hoover,... “Hey Kathy,” Eddie and I said.””
Page 58

Quote:“So that's how you roll one, huh?” Eddie said. “I never rolled one myself.”
Page 60

Quote:“Eddie had never smoked before. None of us had, though Jerry had been on our case to try.”
Page 60

Quote:“Dan,” Jerry said offering the joint to me, “you wanna get high, man?”...Nah,nah, it's okay, I said to Jerry.”
Page 61

Quote:““Mister Niles and his class isn't enough for you guys, huh? Now you want some books in the library to teach history from your point of view.”
Page 64-65

Quote:““Hey c'mon back!” Kathy shouted. “It's okay!” … Kathy didn't answer. The figure stopped, glanced back one more, then shuffled out of sight.”
Page 88

Quote:““I got something for ya, for all ya Beacon Hill Boys, that'll make you feel better- a lot better.”
Page 155

Quote:“Bubbles carried my last breath away. Water rushed in, filling my emptiness.... Why were they swimming upside down?”
Page 159

Quote:““I couldn't break through to get air. I thought you guys had covered the pool or something...” “You mean you thought the bottom was the top?””
page 160

Quote:“Still,I'd had a sense of disappointment, of  having the pages ripped out of my book before I'd understood the story or knew how it ended. I might never have seen if my story had a happy ending.”
Page 170

Quote:““How come you guys never talk about the camps?”...What hurts bad in the  past bury it, try to forget about it.””
Page 176

Quote:““Well, actually I can think of a couple. But I'll tell you this: the one who really adores you, you won't even give the time of day.”            
Page 189

Quote:“I tried to peek at what the waitress wore beneath her kimono as she leaned forward in front of me,serving the dishes of teriyaki beef, terriaki chicken, terriaki everything... probably was around 21. And she busted me sneaking my peek. But after she set the platters down, she glanced at me and grinned with a look that said, You think you're the first to try that? And I know you wont be the last.”
Page 1

Quote: “The waitress dressed in a kimono stepped into our room- the same waitress from Steve's birthday party! She leaned down in front of me, setting down a tray, and I could've peeked at what she wore beneath her Kimono. But this time, I made sure to look away.  As the waitress stepped out of our room and into the hallway, she paused for a second and gave me an approving look. A look that lingered before she moved on. She did, didn't she? I'm sure she did.”
Page 199

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