We always remain responsible for the ones we tame. (A. S. Exupery)

The quote is one of the most powerful about friends and friendship. It is taken from the book “The little prince” by Antoine de Saint Exupery. If you have read the book, you might remember a small boy who met a fox and they became close friends for a while. The small story goes on on a small planet where there is only a fox and this boy. They openly and honestly talk about friendship and their conversation seems is merely a childish one, though their touch on serious relationship issues. That's why it is so eye-opening and simple to read. What adults merely speak about, a small boy and a fox talk about with an ease and lay out in plain and simple language. That's why it's so fun to read. Real friends are hard to get, but if you do, you get them for a lifetime. There are some play on the feelings and don't treat friendship seriously. There can be friends who might play with your feelings without any responsibility, not taking into account the consequences. Friendship involves dependency and sort of vulnerability between two people. They become trusting, open and honest with each other, tied with bonds of time and experience. That's what the fox is talking about – if she becomes attached to the little prince – she will be open, vulnerable and dependent. That's what friendship is all about.

Giving is better than receiving

The joy we bring to others, is fascinating, because it doesn't fade away like a reflection, but returns even more brighter. (V. Hugo)

There are a few powerful quotes about life in the Bible on bringing joy to each other - “do unto others as you would have others do unto you” and “it's more blessed to give than to receive”. The two verses, actually, supplement each other. As our human nature is seductive, we usually are apt to receive or just get what we want without much consideration about others. It seems that we will get happy, when we get that car, house and larger salary. The truth is, we only get more possibilities, but our hearts are not filled with utmost happiness after all. The only true satisfaction and joy comes to it's fullest, when we give without expecting to receive. It's the universal “give and it will be given to you” law and it works in the physical world as well, including flora and fauna. There would be no clouds, if there was no water in the seas and oceans. There wouldn't be any rain if there were no clouds in the sky. There would be no rivers and lakes if there was no rain. There wouldn't be any animals if there were no plants to eat. There wouldn't be any lions and tigers if there were no antelopes and springboks. I've recently read in one that “happiness is only true when shared”. I couldn't agree with it more.


The best way to maintain friendship is sharing the thoughts about our works. People are drawn together by activities. (J. V Goethe)

When we change our jobs and get to a new place with new people, we naturally try to find some friends there. Anyway, we will be spending 9 hours at one place with someone new, and we have to be in a good relationship with him. The best way to build good relations is sharing your activities. IT specialists would sooner or later start sharing their experience about the latest OS flaws and “how good the old XP OS was”. The accountants may find it useful helping each other with the newest accounting software and the latest tax news. Sales managers could help each other sharing their knowledge about client hunting helping each other to develop their sales skills. We know from the movies that cop partners become the best friends for a lifetime, after they have participated in a shoot out and even saved each others lives. Therefore, remember – the best way to become friends is doing the same thing together. Sooner or later you will have something to talk about. And if you don't - reading a few inspiring and cute love quotes might help to believe in yourself and share your thoughts with your soon to become friends.