There are some great quotes on leadership that can be life-changing and inspiring. For example, Abraham Lincoln once encountered a man that he did not find very appealing. He simply didn't like him. The man continued to annoy Lincoln. Lincoln could quite pinpoint why the man acted the way he did.

In a famous quote, Lincoln said about the man," I do not like that man. I must get to know him better." How often do we get to know the people that we don't like? This is a great statement to help us understand how we need to be thinking about people, especially if we want to lead them.

How often do we run into people that don't make sense to us? How often do we want to change those people? Or wish they were different? In many cases, I have known people that I would just rather avoid than getting to know better.

Quotes on leadership, like the one above from Lincoln teach us that we need to try and see people for who they really are. We can't be rash in our judgment. Many times, we have no idea what that person has been through or dealt with.

If we can learn to look past some of the "annoying" factors of people and see what they can be is a great defining characteristic of a leader.

Another great leadership characteristic is maintaining a positive attitude. Ralph Waldo Emerson once talked about how we often focus on the negative instead of the positive. We never ask why the sun shines on us, but we always ask about "the reason of all evil, of pain, and hunger, and mosquitoes and silly people."

How often do you wake up and notice the beautiful morning sky as the sun brightens it? How often do you appreciate those first sun beams as they come over the horizon?

Too often, we take everyday miracles for granted. Instead of thinking about things and events that bring joy and light into our lives, we focus so fixedly on things that harm or hurt us.

It definitely takes a lot of practice and discipline to have a positive attitude everyday. Especially, when we first decide that thinking positively, it requires a lot of effort to change bad habits.

You will notice as you incorporate positive thinking into your day that you will begin to see things differently. You will notice the every day miracles.

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