Quotes on Success In Business and In Life

There are times when we all need a little inspiration and motivation in business and in life. I got your back. What follows is a list of several key phrases that have always proven to be useful for me in the past.


"Pain is a necessary component of sacrifice, which is the barrier between mediocrity and  success" - Anon

Nobody ever accomplished anything worth accomplishing without going through some type of pain. Want bigger muscles? They're in pain when they grow. Starting a business? Endure the pain and anxiety of the possibility of failure. Studying for an exam? Work through the pain of of focusing for hours and hours on end, and the sacrifice of leaving  the comfort of your friends and family in order to succeed in conquering this exam. Know one thing however: Pain is temporary. At the end of pain comes the reward. At the end of pain comes the payoff. At the end of pain comes success.


"We need hard things in life." - Tommy Tiernan

This quote seems kinda weird. How does this provide inspiration? I'm already overloaded with work! Well hear me out. If you feel under pressure, if you have lots of work to do, if you're stressing because of the heap of tasks that you need to accomplish, congratulations! You're finally playing in the right stratusphere! In a world where the biggest challenges some of us face lie in waking up to an alarm clock, we need hard things. We need things to strive against. We need things that add meaning to our lives through the hard work that is required of us to conquer these hard things. We need to push, it will make us stronger, and better at life. Good job! Keep Pushing!


"Your reality right now is determined by what you did last year. You reality next year is determined by what you do today." - Eric Thomas


Whatever it is that you're doing today, in any aspect of your life, you probably set it up the year prior to it, or even before that. Circumstances don't always change suddenly and irrevocably, in fact they usually change so slowly that you don't notice anything is happening...until one day you wake up at 4pm, you missed an entire day of work, there are cheetos all over the t-shirt you've been wearing for 4 days and there's remnants of eviction notices in the fireplace (for illustrative purposes only, this didn't happen to me lol). Point being, if you want to change your life, start now. Start today. Do something. Baby steps. But the bottom line is your reality at this time next year is created by what you do today. Get crackin'.