R-Lipoic Acid Benefits

Alpha Lipoic Acid

If you suspect (for any reason) that you may be struggling with a sluggish liver, you may want to start supplementing with r-lipoic acid, an anti-oxidant substance that occurs naturally in our bodies (but that decreases as we age).

It is beneficial for your liver (which serves as your body's primary toxin-filtering organ), but it is also beneficial for your skin. I used to take ordinary alpha lipoic acid, but after researching the topic a bit more, I decided that R-lipoic acid would be a better option for me. I am not going to recommend a particular brand as there are plenty of reputable ones out there. I will say that I do feel better after taking it.

(Note also that some people with diabetes have reported improvements in their overall health since they added R-lipoic acid to their supplement regimens. I do not have diabetes myself so I cannot offer an opinion either way on this particular aspect of taking this supplement. However, if you are diabetic, you may want to read up on this topic a bit more.)

For me, personally, here is what I have experienced: my energy has increased. And it feels like a clean or pure form of energy, if that makes any sense. (When I consume caffeine, I feel energized, but it is a nervous, jittery form of energy that I do not enjoy.) On the other hand, when I take R-lipoic acid, I feel good, strong and energized in a healthy way. I feel so good, in fact, that I often exercise within a few minutes of taking my dose.

I have experienced a more alert feeling as well, which I suppose goes along with the increased energy. And as far as skin benefits go, I do feel like my skin looks better since I started taking this. Specifically, my pores look a little smaller and my skin has more brightness and clarity. Overall, I am very pleased with this particular supplement and I would suggest you read up on it more to see what you think.

Taking supplements is tricky. There are so many to choose from, and not every supplement or herbal remedy or natural cure is going to work for every person. There is a certain degree of trial and error involved. I have heard some people describe r-lipoic acid as the fountain of youth in a bottle, which frankly, is probably stretching it. I think it's a good solid supplement that does what it is purported to do, but I don't necessarily think it is a miracle. If you have ever tried it, or if you take it regularly, what are your thoughts about it?