As soon as the keys on my Magnavox digital television converter box remote began malfunctioning, I called the 1800 number on the back of the remote, hoping to get a replacement or purchase one inexpensively.  However, $15.00 plus shipping and handling was not in my best interest, so I hung up the phone and began searching the internet. To my dismay, and at the time of writing this article there is very little information on a specific replacement remote for the Magnavox E175216 digital television converter box. Yes, that cheap made in china, poorly designed, weightless device that is also on its last leg.  It’s rather baffling that the government would like us to believe that the cost of this device was worthy of a supplemented $40.00 coupon. On the other hand, one may suggest cable, but for poor people like me, cable is not an option.

Upon searching the internet I came across two reviews recommending various brands of universal remote that “may or may not work” and another recommending a specific brand which was out of my budget.  Moreover, I believe it’s safe to say, reviews that indicate “may or may not work” screams uncertainty and often should be ignored.

Within a few days the remote control was completely shot, so on  another of my shopping trips at Walmart, I strolled over to the electronics department, for the second time still hoping to find a remote that was compatible and inexpensive. The response of the first clerk I spoke with was “anyone of those remotes will work” That was the end of our conversation, and I headed towards the accessories section. As I was on my way, I asked another clerk, who said there is one that will definitely work.  We walked over to the remotes and she picked up the RCA Universal device 3  (RCR312WR), price $7.00.  RCA Universal Remote 3

 On the back of the package is a listing of     the brands of digital television converter  boxes and other electronic brands it  operates; leaving no doubt as to the  compatibility.  I purchased it and was      back in business a few hours later.


The features I like most is the easy setup, comfortable handling and control functions. To date I have only used it for the converter box and television so I can only speak about the functionality between these units.  This remote is a breeze to program and well suited for those who are not technically inclined. If there's any criticism, it is the instruction manual that you probably need a magnify glass to read, and also the manufacturer’s omittance of the period (.) key;  which delays switching to some channels manually if preferred.  

 For such an inexpensive device, it does the job perfectly.  Here is a list of the brands of television converter boxes that the RCA universal remote 3 device, model #RCR312WR will operate: Access HD, Apex Digital,  CASTI, Channel Master, Daewoo, Datek, Digital Stream,  GE, Gridlink, Insignia, Lasonic, Magnavox, Philco, RCa, Sansonic, Sylvania, Tivex, Zenith.


Brands Listed

 Technical Details

  • Controls TV,SAT, cable, DVD, VCR, DTC,
  • Perfect for portable DVD's or TV and DVD combo units
  • Replaces or consolidates most major remote brands
  • Partially backlit which allows you to see the keys in the dark
  • Controls 3 devices
  • Simple set up
  • Menu support
  • Automatic code search and manual code entry
  • Sleep timer
  • Dark gray finish
  • Works with over 325 brands
  • Large keys for easy use

 I highly recommend this brand and model of remote for the technically challenged.  Above all it works like a charm, and for  $7.99, what is there not to like about it?