At the 2011 international CES convention, RCA unveiled some products that didn't have a high demand the previous year - 3D flat screens and portable TVs. With 2011 being the second year for the 3D TV and the disappointing initial reaction the previous year, RCA is hopeful their first 3D TV, if the trend happens to break, will allow them to receive some of that revenue in the market. Also portable TVs aren't items found in every household in America, but RCA is showcasing their offerings that will surely be found at every Radio Shack. If that didn't wow you, they have other items like a portable Blu-ray player and office/home phones that might fare a little better with consumers. Everyone needs a phone and the Blu-ray format is becoming popular. In any case, here are a few of those items in detail.

Can't Live Without Entertainment

The portable Blu-ray player featured has a 10-inch screen it's model brc3108. It has a built-in rechargeable battery that keeps it powered for 4 hours and a USB port to watch files stored on a flash drive. But what's probably best about this is the fact that it outputs HDMI 1080p when playing on a compatible TV. Use it as a portable media player or as a dedicated home Blu-ray player. You can also play DVD movies making it a nice intermediate device for those just starting to build a Blu-ray library. The remote is quite handy with a nice set of buttons to make viewing a lot easier as well. There are buttons that control Blu-ray and DVD movies. The playback buttons are all the same, but if you wanted to view bonus content on a Blu-ray disc, the remote has a "control playback" button that'll help you with viewing any BD-Java (Blu-ray Disc Java) material available. This abides by the rule that all Blu-ray players must support BD-Java so this is nothing big, but it also has a LAN jack so you can share Internet connection with another computer and use BD Live where you'd view content online. The remote functionality makes it really useful when it's the acting Blu-ray player at home. Other formats this device supports include audio CD and CD-R/RW.

Prank Calls for Everyone!

Another item revealed at CES was an 8-line router that can be used for the office. All that's need are Ethernet cables to plug the phones in and you're ready to rock. The phones themselves come in 2-line or 4-line. Some of the basic features include recording away messages to up to 60 minutes, having work hours or after hours messages and ten speed-dial options. The memory for call waiting/caller ID allows for 99 logs. If you happen to have an office in which more than one language is spoken, the trilingual LCD display should help with any language barriers. And they've also made it easier for the hearing-impaired making it hearing-aid compatible. With tests inconclusive about whether or not cellular phones cause cancer (in theory, the non-ionizing radiation that's emitted isn't cancerous), wireless headsets have been tested and found to be harmless. And there's one you can purchase as a standalone, or in a 3 piece package with a base phone and a handset. As far as home phone features are concerned, a phone with a burglary alert, smoke detector and even a thermometer was offered at CES.

Size Doesn't Matter

As mentioned before, RCA is launching a 3D TV product this year despite the low TV sales the previous year. But they also have an Android TV that allows for interactivity on the web - using apps, importing files from a home network or Googling. It has a 42-inch full HD display, and you can use a remote or a miniature keyboard to control the Android 2.2 operating system. Also is a USB port which seems to support content from a flash drive. The portable TVs featured at CES range from 3.5 to 7-inch screen sizes. These TVs can receive over-the-air signals as well as mobile DTV signals. In all, three models were introduced as having similar basic features - signal strength indicators, closed captioning, and a stand so you can view the display at an upright position without handling it. They also have a tuner for DTV that can be used in vehicles.

The Patriarch

rcaCredit: miguel ugalde

RCA, the grandaddy of electronics offer low-priced portable DVD players, adequate flat screen TVs and pervasive RCA connectors that are found on every visual media device. They've been around awhile, but are still keeping up with some of the newer companies. They may not offer say, the best portable DVD players around, but if you're in a financial crunch, they wouldn't be a bad company to buy from.