If you are like most real estate sales people and brokers across the United States, you are required to complete mandated Continuing Education (CE) classes in your state to be eligible to renew your real estate license. The content of the classes is dictated by the state as minimum requirements, often with some flexibility to meet certain elective credit needs. Traditionally, this meant signing up for some course at a community college or a firm that offers real estate training classes. Then you had to pay a somewhat significant fee and attend the classes on the scheduled nights to receive the certification to submit to your state licensing agency.


Fortunately, the internet has given rise to many state approved and nationally licensed vendors who provide courses to meet these same licensing requirements, usually for a fraction of the cost of attending a live class. Online sites such as these offer you the flexibility of completing these courses at your convenience. You would be wise to check them out when it is time for you to complete your state's CE required courses again. You'll be glad you did!


As you contemplate completing these CE courses, it might be a good time to evaluate other aspects of your real estate business. The real estate market is wrestling with the most challenging and depressing circumstances that have been seen in the Unites States since the Great Depression. How is the daily dose of bad news being fed to your customers affecting your bottom line? Are you about ready to throw your hands up in despair? Or are you just crossing your fingers and hoping to hang on until things get better? Perhaps a little “gut check” is in order. Here are some ideas that will help you to not only survive but also to prosper in this down market.


  • Who Are You? A “gut check” by definition involves looking inside the body to see what's going on there. Now, let's forgo the literal knife interpretation of such a bodily inspection and concentrate on the more figurative definition of the phrase. Really, now... who are you? Do you find yourself absorbed with negative thoughts and, as a result, lackluster performance? Are you adversely affected by the dour faces and down attitudes of other real estate professionals? Are you allowing someone's negative attitude to permeate your being, resulting in your living as miserable an existence as they are? Isn't it time for you to pick yourself up by the bootstraps and be all you can be? Their glass may be half empty, but shouldn't yours be half full with you pouring more into it every day? C'mon now. Negativity is for people who find it easy to say no, as in “no hope” or “no way.” Positive people say yes, as in “Yes, I can,” and “Yes, I will!” Who are you?
  • Are you an Einstein? We often think of Albert Einstein as the epitome of learning; as the person who made it to the highest form of human intelligence. It's funny, but he didn't think so. The man who was first to demonstrate the theory of relativity  and E=mc2 was always the first to admit that he didn't know it all. Conversely, he thought he had just scratched the surface where knowledge is concerned. So, have you stopped learning? Or, are you more like Einstein, who was willing to learn something new until the day he died? Apply this principle to your real estate business. Become an expert in this current market. Develop an understanding of current trends, statistics, and all other significant market data for the real estate market you serve. Be an expert on foreclosures, short sales, tax sales, and anything else pertinent to your local area. Be a willing and exciting teacher to your clients. Show them when they hire you, as a listing agent or as a selling agent, that you will work for them like no other person. Convince them, and then do it! Be an Einstein!


As you consider the steps you must take to renew your real estate license think about the Continuing Education requirements you must complete before you can renew your license. Check out the online sources for meeting your CE requirements. It's easy to accomplish online. It's quick to accomplish online. You can do it in your own time and at your own pace online. And, you can take all the time you will save to consider these important questions: Who Are You? Are You an Einstein? How you answer those two questions just might help you finish filling that glass!