Wilfred Otieno

Who is this person Jesus Christ that at the mention of Christmas, his supposed birthday, the whole world responds with multiple activities which range from “impulse shopping-holiday making-travels-tours-picnicking-merrymaking-sports-charity", name it! This often tends to overshadow the main purpose of thanks-giving to the Almighty God unto worshipping Him for having sent to us such a great person, the Savior of human-kind.

Christmas bears Jesus’ second name,Christ, in unison with the word, “mass”. In other words, it was coined from the Roman Catholic’s Eucharist worship service -“mass”, i.e. “Mass of Christ”. This is a reminder that historically speaking, the very church was central in the decision making of identifying the 25th of December which the Romans dedicated to the worship of their traditional sun-god known also as Sol Invictus or Mithras, as the commemoration day of the birth of Jesus Christ. This sparked off controversy in Christian circles as to the true date of his birth because it is not indicated in the Biblical scriptures, save for mention of the reign of the Roman Emperor Augustus Caeser, Cyrenius - the Governor of Syria and Herod - the King of Israel, as pointers to the time of his birth.

It gave rise to a supposed birth-day which with time has gained official world-wide recognition even by state governments, having earned respect from other religious faithful like the Moslems and the Hindus too. This suggests that it is okay for individuals who do not know their birth dates to identify one day in a year for the purpose of commemoration.  Meaning, that it is not a sin to do so when another deity is worshipped on the same day.Otherwise, how would the birth day of Sir Isaac Newton who was born on 25th December 1642, former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat who was born on 25th December 1906 and Christopher Columbus’ discovery of America on 25th December 1442 be celebrated! So, Christ’s Christmas celebration is a birth-day of birth-days.

With this in place, then follows the earlier mentioned range of Christmas activities. All are good including worship service attendance in churches but in-crops evil in form of “misbehavior, murder, and road accidents that lead to loss of lives besides maiming some survivors”. In other words, spiritually speaking, the devil that Christ was born on Christmas day to save us from, uses this opportunity to swing into action so as to fulfill his mission of “steal,kill and destroy”. This calls for intense Christian prayers and fasting before-cum-during the festivities world-wide.

This aside, the “enemy” that is the devil, cannot stop the celebration of Christmas. If he were able to do so, he would have done it two thousand years ago. A time when he sought to kill Christ the baby Messiah in Bethlehem through King Herod. However, God foiled his plan when he sent Joseph, Mary and Jesus to Egypt in North Africa in advance, for the sake of his safety.

In other words, there exists special divine power in the case of this festival which makes most people in the world to recognize Jesus Christ as the savior of human kind, at the mere mention of the word “Christmas”. This is factual no matter whether they are devout Christians, tepid Christians, church goers, non-church goers, holy, sinful or non-Christians. It is unstoppable because it is divine and this power is released immensely for that purpose.

However, contrary to this, why is it that the reason Christ was sent by God which is redemption of mankind from sin, evil power and the devil’s control; that is commemorated during Easter festivities or Passover when it was instituted by him as the New Covenant, does not attract the attention of most people in the world in comparison to Christmas!

The reason is that the devil having been beaten at his own game of trying to kill the baby Christ at infancy, shifted goal posts from his "birth" to the most crucial aspect of the Messiah’s Ministry here on earth, “Salvation”. This he did and continues to do so by challenging its spiritual power that is already in operation. He has therefore fulfilled the saying, “once beaten twice shy”. On equal footing, he has retained some of his other evil activities during Christmas time. However, Christmas is still celebrated albeit more restlessly because his concentration is on redemption that is commonly referred to as salvation.

In other words, knowing too well that most people are not aware about the power of the cross unto redemption and that they even care less concerning it; he has shifted most of his arsenal from Christ’s birth to his death and resurrection unto everlasting life, even blinding them spiritually from seeing-cum-understanding it. This is true because he does not want to enter alone into his eternal bound home called hell that is also referred to in the Bible as the lake of fire. He would rather be in the company of people who will miss the redemption opportunity that has already been enacted by Christ, that only requires their acceptance through repentance.

So, serious evangelism by Christians for salvation of the human race is a necessity all year round with intensive awareness to the masses during both Easter and Christmas time. In this way, the message of redemption tuned with Christ’s birth-day mood can produce the required results of  repentance unto salvation. This will surprise both critics and the devil. It would therefore make the reckless spending during Christmas festivities more meaningful hence qualifying the restlessness.