The Motorola MOTOACTV GPS sportswatch is a new watch made by Motorola that will help you improve your jogging with its long list of advanced features. The watch is designed to help you with your daily exercise routine by providing you with all the information that you need on the touchscreen. Basically it is an android computer in the form of a watch.

This watch features a touchscreen display that makes navigating through its advanced features quick and easy. The display is uncluttered and easy to read, plus it features an automatic brightness control that adjusts the brightness of the screen making it as bright as you want. The display is made from gorilla glass which is strong and durable; it is unlikely that you will ever scratch it.

Motorola MOTOACTV GPS SportswatchCredit: Amazon

Motorola MOTOACTV GPS Sportswatch

The Motorola MOTOACTV GPS sports watch features a MP3 player, a GPS system, and a jogging monitor to help you with your daily exercises. When you are jogging, the watch uses GPS to pinpoint your exact location, and it displays it on a map so that you know exactly where you are at. The GPS and mapping features are very accurate and easily stay locked onto your position while jogging.

Another feature of this watch is the “audio coach” that is designed to help motivate you while exercising. It can also play music while you are exercising if you attach earphones to it. The sportswatch changes the music according to the intensity of your workout which is kind of neat. The sound that the Motorola MOTOACTV is very impressive and easily just as good as the high-end MP3 players such as the iPod.  

You can easily connect the Motorola MOTOACTV GPS sports watch to your android phone or a computer. This allows you to update the software with ease since you can upload the data through a blue tooth connection. While you are exercising, the watch is monitoring you and analyzing the results. You can upload this information to the internet and use it to chart your exercises. This helps you track and fine tune your training performance.

Motorola MOTOACTV GPSCredit: Amazon


One of the biggest problems with the Motorola MOTOACTV GPS sports watch is the fact that it isn’t water-tight. The reason for this is because it has ports on it that has these tiny little plastic covers to keep the water out. Of course if the covers fall of, or if they are a little crooked, they can allow water to get in and damage the watch.

Battery life is another issue with the watch since it will only last maybe a day until it needs to be recharged. Most of the time this isn’t a problem as long as you remember to plug it in before you go to bed. If you forget to plug it in, or are somewhere where you can’t plug it in, then the battery could die on you. It isn’t a big deal if you remember to plug it in before bedtime.



Lots of interesting features

Easy to use

Accurate GPS and mapping

Nice display



Battery life

Not 100% water proof



Clearly the Motorola MOTOACTV GPS was designed to help you exercise instead of just keeping track of time. This is an excellent watch that will help you improve your exercise routine by providing you with essential data about your workout. It also helps you fine-tune your exercising by analyzing the data that it collects. The battery life can be a problem if you are using all of its advanced features at the same time, or if you forget to plug it in and let it charge.