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Travel Smart with Identity Theft Protection

Travel smart with an rfid wallet that will help you to protect your passport and credit card information from identity theft while vacationing or traveling for business. The new security wallets contain a blocking chip inside of them that can reduce the likelihood of identity theft scammers from reading your financial numbers from your driver's license, passport identification, debit cards and credit cards by use of radio frequency identification. A scammer simply needs to point towards you with the device and from afar is able to get all of your personal and financial information for their own devious uses and you'd never even know who was doing it! These days it's much better to be safe than sorry and it's each of our responsibilities to take our identity theft protection into our own hands or in this case, wallets.


One of the best identity theft protection ideas is to guard your wallet and credit cards with one of these new RFID wallets or passport holder for traveling. Travelers are often targeted by identity thieves since it is the traveler in a relaxed state of mind that isn't concerned about anything other than vacation and having a good time and you can become easy prey to identity theft if not careful. Why not combine a credit card protection wallet with a passport holder that can do double duty while traveling, shopping or at home or work. They also make a perfect gift idea.


Pink Passport Holder

A great choice for womens wallets is the pink passport holder by Travel Smart from Conair for yourself or for a gift for a college student or even Mom for Mother's Day. This RFID wallet is a slim size of 4x7x.5 inches so will easily fit in a jacket pocket, handbag, luggage, travel vest or pants pocket. The pink passport holder has 11 card holders, a zippered coin area that can also be used for bills, receipts and a pocket for your passport as well as an identification window. The bright pink color is not only popular with women as a fashion statement, but also can be easily found in a handbag or piece of luggage since it will pop with color. The cost is affordable too and makes a perfect gift for the lady in your life, Mother's Day, a birthday, for a college student, a teenager or for yourself if you are planning a trip soon.


The pink passport holder received an overall score of 5/5 on, is rated #2 in all the beauty products category and has favorable reviews making it a good product to purchase. Get several for gifts and take advantage of the free shipping option to save even more. If you need more space to hold a checkbook, this wallet will not be large enough and instead you would probably prefer the womens checkbook wallet that has the RFID security protection.


I have and recommend this pink passport holder to be used for a bright, summer womens wallet that can double as your passport holder for traveling. Identity theft is a growing concern as well it should be. Protect yourself and your family members or friends with affordable items such as this passport holder that keeps identity thieves from gaining access to your credit card and other valuable financial and personal information. has easy returns if you decide that you don't like this wallet but for the price, this is an excellent value. Good luck protecting your identity when traveling.

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Identity theft protection in a passport wallet

Travel Smart By Conair RFID Blocking Passport Wallet
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Four fun colors to choose from to keep your passport and all traveling identification safe from would be thieves.