Missing children and loved one's are as big of a problem now as it ever was. Law enforcement officials in some areas will tell you you that the problem now is even worse. 30 years ago, if a loved one went missing the only recourse was to sit and wait for law enforcement to do it's job. But with the advancements in technology that's not the case anymore.

Items such as RF locators are becoming more and more popular with parents as a means to help keep track of their children. RF stands for radio frequency, and this technology is the driving force behind tracking devices. It works remarkably well and can be very affordable. Below is a list of four of these such products that are not only affordable, but very accurate as well.

The GPRS unit by WorldTracker is touted as being one of the most accurate and dependable units on the market today. One impressive feature is that it can track indoors just as well as outdoors. And as far as radio frequencies are concerned, that's pretty impressive.

The location of the signal is reported straight to the web to your account and, with the right package, can give you live updates every 15 seconds. This package of unlimited service for 59.95 a month is the first of it's kind in the industry and hopefully will become the norm.

Amber Alert GPS is another fine RF Locator. One unique feature found in this product is that it can send you an alert if your child is driving your car too fast, or if your child is outside of pre-set boundaries that you set beforehand.

This Geo-Fencing type feature is very popular with parents of teenaged children. Your child can also send you an SOS by simply pushing a button. It is a very discreet yet effective feature. The monthly service charge will cost between 19.99 and 49.99 depending on how many added features you want, making this one of the most affordable yet practical units on the market.

The PLD, another WorldTracker product, makes up for the fact that it's indoor tracking capabilities aren't up to the same level as other RF locators by being the only tracker that is call phone friendly. You can call a cell phone from from this unit and well as get one.

So if your child is suddenly out of range, you can simply call them on their cell number that you pre-program into the system. But the one feature that is really impressive here is that a single battery charge will last you up to 2 weeks The Car and Family Locator by Zoombak is very affordable at $249 with a 15 dollar a month service charge.

This RF locator can also be used with your pets, and that version is only $199. This unit also gives you speed alerts, and sends you updates via a smart phone or e-mail, whatever your preference.

This palm sized unit is very easy to set up, and has a battery life of approximately 1 week. It is a very solid and dependable unit. All of these units are affordable yet dependable that can give you more peace of mind about your children.