Work At Home As A Registered Nurse

RN work from home jobs are becoming more and more plentiful all the time. If you are a trained, certified, licensed Registered Nurse who is seeking the flexibility and convenience of a work at home job, you may want to investigate some of these opportunities. 

Like all telecommuters, you will need to do your research because you will find that some opportunities are more worth pursuing than others. However, this definitely is a growing field, so you might actually end up being pleasantly surprised by just how many good and legitimate options are available to you. One possible starting point for your research might involve visiting some of the more established work at home message boards, such as Work Place Like Home or the WAHM board.

There you will find other people interested in working from home. (Some of them are actually doing it successfully.) Once there, you will want to look for threads posted by other nurses on RN work from home jobs. These are the people who can give you the “real scoop” about employers, hours, pay, benefits, job descriptions, job requirements, and any other relevant information that might be helpful to you on your job hunt. The people who post on these message boards tend to be very honest (in some cases, brutally honest) about their experiences as telecommuters, so you will want to pay very close attention to what they have to say.

You can also go to some of the bigger jobs websites, like and and look up “telenurse” job listings there. In most instances, you will be providing case management services and/or triage services to patients and/or medical teams over the phone. 

Sometimes, large insurance companies like Aetna and Blue Cross hire “telenurses” (and/or “telephysicians”) to answer specific questions that their customers may have about certain services and/or medical conditions.  These companies feel the need to hire nurses (or doctors) for these positions (rather than nonmedical staff), because customers need to be able to talk to people who not only have “strong people skills,” but who also possess the necessary medical knowledge to be helpful to patients and fellow medical practitioners. 

So, if you are a Registered Nurse and working a home-based job is something you would seriously like to explore, know that there are genuine RN work from home job opportunities out there, and one of those jobs just might be the perfect fit for you.