Any adventure gamer knows that moments of frustration are a part of the experience. Whether there's a boss that simply won't stop clobbering you or a puzzle that has you stumped beyond reason, getting past the stumbling blocks in RPG downloads requires a few tips. While it's true that every puzzle, monster, or other dilemma in a PC RPG game is unique, there are some general advices that can apply in many situations.

Tough Bosses in RPG Downloads? Get Creative!
It's important to embrace the creative nature of PC RPG games -- it's what makes them fun, after all! This mindset certainly shouldn't leave your brain during combat, regardless of how teeth-gnashingly angry you are. (You did lock the kids/pets/other humans in the near vicinity in their rooms for their own protection, right?)

If a boss is difficult enough to make you try him/her/it again, consider alternative methods of combat that you may not have done before. As the saying goes, "Only a fool does the same thing twice and expects a different outcome." Switch up your weapons, focus on different spells, or try a more defensive style of play. Do anything except repeating what has failed you time and time again.

Intricate Puzzle Solving in RPG Downloads: Step One
Step away from the game.

Yep, that's all you need to do to greatly increase your chance of finally beating a difficult challenge in an RPG game download. Simply take a break. Much like how our brains grow weary after reading hundreds of pages in a book, our minds will implode if they're forced to think ceaselessly on how to solve an RPG puzzle. I know from personal experience that it can be downright irritating not to be able to get past a certain point. Right when you start screaming at the computer, get up and relax. Enjoy a movie or eat your gaming sorrows away in junk food.

Then, when you've forgotten about the puzzle, return to it with a fresh set of eyes.

Intricate Puzzle Solving in RPG Downloads: Step Two
So you've completely relaxed your feeble brain and are back for plenty more fun and excitement. Wonderful! Begin by analyzing the situation at hand as best as you can. I tend to do best with a blank sheet of paper and a pencil. Write down the problem and your desired resolution. If there is any illustration that needs to be done (such as a map or physical puzzle design), freehand a replica of it.

From there, try to determine whether potential solutions will work or not on your paper. Brainstorm plot elements that may come into play in finding the solution.

In addition, some puzzles do not have simple fail or succeed outcomes. If this is the case (such as it is in a maze or marble puzzle), keep track of the results of each attempted method. With these results, you can draw conclusions that you would not normally be able to. Consider it intelligent trial-and-error.

With these tips, many RPG downloads lovers (like myself) can approach these entertaining games with more intelligence and fewer temper tantrums. Remember that gaming should be fun! When it's not, the key is simply to step back, consider your methods, and look for other ways to solve problems. Play on!