rsd pain

RSD is pain that comes from the sympathetic nervous system. The RSD stands for Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. It is a nerve disorder of the central nervous system. I am very familiar with it, because I have had several bouts or battles you might say with RSD.

RSD pain is more painful than any pain I have ever experienced. It is also frustrating, because it is not easily diagnosed and there is no cure. In fact, RSD can take your body over and will leave you debilitated for life. It had me on crutches for 6 months due to misdiagnoses. You see, it is not easily detected and doctors are quick to say it's this or that, but they really don't know.

Finally, after months of RSD pain I went to an orthopedic surgeon who ordered a bone scan and low and behold I found out what was really wrong with me. Once you know what it is and are willing to go through painful physical therapy you stand a chance of beating it.

The problem is RSD goes undetected and is misdiagnosed. During this time RSD pain can move. That's right; it will move and attack other parts of the body. So far, my right leg, right ring finger and left arm have all been put through hell due to RSD episodes.

This is what traditional medicine will do when you are misdiagnosed. They give you anti-inflammatory drugs, pain killers, cortisone shots or recommend surgery. While pain medication can mask RSD pain, it cannot cure RSD. Surgery may or may not work and this is true of any surgery there are no guarantees.

Before we go any further here are some RSD symptoms. There are stages as it progressively takes over and destroys bone, tissue, nerves and muscle. Extreme burning and sensitive to touch, constant pain, swelling, change in color and texture of skin, muscle spasm, atrophy and stiffness, fatigue, sweating. Sensitivity to heat and cold with bouts of depression as it becomes chronic with no hope in sight.

The good news is RSD pain can be beat and I know this because I did it 3 times. With the help of physical therapy and acupuncture that is. Trust me, it is hard work, but if you give in to RSD pain it will take your entire body over and it is horrible what it will do. My right leg is still smaller than the left from the atrophy, but I have 95% leg function back.

If you are suspicious and think you may have RSD pain then get to an orthopedic surgeon who knows what's really going on. Get a bone scan and begin therapy NOW! As of this writing I have been free of RSD pain for 8 years. It can be beat!!