One of the most successful dating companies of the last few years is Real Social Dynamics. This company teaches insecure men to approach women and become better in conversation. However, many people doubt about dating companies like RSD. Does it really work? Or do they only want your money? The purpose of this article is to answer these questions for once and for all.

Quick history

You may know the owners of the company from the famous book ‘The Game’ by Neil Strauss. The book describes the journey of a man to become more successful with women. Two men in this book are described as the ‘bad guys’, namely Owen Cook and Nick Kho. These two have established Real Social Dynamics in 2002. The company began small and only gave lectures to a small audience. Soon, the revolutionary dating ideas of RSD became popular and the company grew rapidly. They later started teaching boot camps, where a student goes out with an experienced instructor to learn ‘the game’. Furthermore RSD also released DVD’s with recorded seminars. Nowadays, the company is one of the biggest dating companies in the world.


Real Social Dynamics especially emphasizes that men must take a journey to become a better person. It is not about memorizing some lines and executing these to gain success.  It’s more about developing yourself as a person. The company also recommends reading self-development books like Think and Grow Rich from Napoleon Hill and The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People from Stephen Covey.  This is more than a dating company, really.


The company has around twelve instructors that are all specialized in a specific area of game. For example Ozzie is a specialist in the field of physical game. This entails that he uses physical contact to seduce women, and he focuses less on the things he says. Ryan is the complete opposite; he uses language to game women.  There is no inferior instructor and they all have their competitive advantage.


But do their techniques really work? This is hard to say. The boot camps are expensive, but do make men really better with women. However it is still up to the person to develop himself further after the boot camp. The boot camp is no magic pill that instantly cures your problems with women. The DVD products are more or less useless. They are too expensive and you don’t learn much from a TV screen.  All in all, it is recommended to take a boot camp if you can’t improve on your own.