The Internet has become a cluttered mess with over 50,000,000 blogs alone and this number is increasing daily. Talk about overwhelming! But don't be scared. There is an easy and effective approach you can use to stay updated with the many on goings of the Internet without being inundated by vast amount of information. There are two ways people generally go about searching for information.

In the first way, you get on your computer, and you want to find out what is the latest news out there today. Now you head over a few of your preferred blogs. But then there are no updates on the blogs! Next, you decide to head over to one of your much loved news web sites. But again, there is nothing new! What if you did this a few times a day and each time there are no updates? Now you have wasted your precious time. Time that could have been better spent watching television! We need to be more efficient, so we can't keep searching this way.

Here is the new and improved way of finding the latest information on the Internet. The trick to this method is that instead of us going out to find new information, we have new information come to us. What exactly does this mean? Well, anytime one of your favorite blogs has been updated, you will know when and what the update is. It could be compared to On Demand TV; you can order a movie right from your cable box instead of getting in your car and driving to Blockbuster.

This new method is called RSS or Really Simple Syndication. Here is how you get started with RSS.

Step One: You need a RSS Reader. "Google Reader" is terrific and works well. You can add your favorite blogs and news websites to the reader and you can browse through all updates for all your websites in one place. Some other readers are Bloglines, MyYahoo and Newsgator.

Step Two: You need to subscribe to your favorite blogs and news sites. The majority of these sites have a "Subscribe" button, usually on the top or bottom of the blog or news website. What subscribing does is, it creates a connection between the RSS Reader and the blog or news website. After you click on the Subscribe button you will be taken to another webpage that will give you all the instructions needed to complete the step. Generally, the webpage will give you a URL that you need to copy and paste into your RSS Reader. You will have to look for "Add Subscription" or "Add Feed" in your RSS reader and then paste the URL there.

Updates will begin arriving into your RSS Reader and you can now enjoy your favorite blogs and news sites on a totally different level!