What is a RV awning lock?



Power Awning Lock
The number one insurance claim for recreational vehicle owners is an incident related to their RV awning ripping off in the high winds of freeway travel.  Perhaps it’s happened to you, or maybe you’ve just seen an RV on the side of the road with their awning sitting on the shoulder, but the fact is it is not unusual for you to need an aftermarket RV awning lock to keep your coach’s canopy safe.  

The problem is, many awning manufacturers recognize that you put your coach at risk of damage in high winds if the arms of your awning unlock without your knowledge and your awning flies down, catches wind and rips off the side of your rig.  However, what they had failed to remedy for decades was the fact that awning arms weren’t the culprit of RVer headaches and frustration.  It was the canopy itself unrolling on the spin arm while still safely “locked” in the up position.  Aftermarket RV awning locks solve this problem by making it impossible for the awning to unroll on the arm when it catches a gust of wind.  As a result, you can finally relax and drive without checking your mirror every 10 seconds when you see your awning flare up.  

How RV awning locks work:


The design of most RV awning locks is quite simple.  There is no major modifications to the RV or awning, in fact you don’t have to drill into your coach at all.  Most locking mechanisms attach directly to the awning arm itself and insert a quick release pin into the rod the canopy is wrapped around so that it cannot unravel.  Simply pull the tab on the pin to release the awning and lower it as normal when you are ready to set up camp.   When you use an awning lock properly, there is no reason to use bungees, straps, or rope to tie up the canopy.  For such a small investment, RV awning travel locks really saves quite a bit of time as well as potential headaches and expense.  

RV awning travel lock myths:


There are a few things you should be cautious of when purchasing a RV awning lock.  The first being that not all locks fit all models of canopies.  Be sure to check with your manufacturer before making a purchase.  Most locks will fit Carefree awnings and A&E awnings, however there are specialty locks for other types of rv awnings.

Additionally, if you have a power awning, it is unlikely that you will be able to automatically operate the canopy without manually unlocking the canopy (Of course there are exceptions to the rule).  Retractable RV awnings are great, but without a little planning and preparation for travel, you may find yourself on the side of the road with out an RV awning lock.  If you are only traveling short distances, you can choose to leave the awning unlocked, but for that extra peace of mind on the long hauls, it is an investment that pays for itself over and over again.