The addition of an RV refrigerator to your travel trailer, caravan or recreational vehicle can transform your motorhome from a mere bed on wheels to something approximating a traditional fixed location house. RV refrigeration is a wonderful luxury that can really improve the quality of time spent touring and exploring the countryside. This article will briefly address the benefits of RV refrigerators, and what to look for when buying.

Having an RV fridge freezer with you while you travel adds extraordinary benefits to your quality of life. Firstly cold drinks will now be available whenever you want them. You will no longer be limited to running to the nearest convenience store – potentially at an inconvenient distance – to purchase an overpriced soda when you need a refreshing drink.

Some places it can be hard to find beer or wine in stores. Having your own stock of cold alcoholic beverages on hand can really make for more enjoyable evenings relaxing watching the sun go down. With an RV freezer you can even have a source of ice cubes!

Of course an RV refrigerator can do more than cool drinks, it will cool food too. This feature is even more useful, as it lets you store leftovers without spoiling. Instead of having to cook every day while you are on a vacation, you can get away with just cooking two or three times. On the days between you will have tasty leftovers sitting in the fridge for whenever hunger hits you.

Clearly this saves you a lot of time and effort, and also will result in a lot less wasted food. A vacation should be about getting away from your regular chores, not spending each day preparing meals for your family!

Not that the benefits have been made so clear, what sort of RV fridges are worth buying? Ideally, if your budget allows, you should purchase a quality 3 way Norcold RV fridge - or perhaps a Dometic, another reputable brand. These manufacturers have a long and storied history of creating good products.

Three way fridges are perfect for RV's as they can be used almost anywhere. If camping at a primitive campground – or even boon docking – a 3 way refrigerator can run from your trailers Propane tank for weeks. If spending time at a nice RV park with hookups to shore power available – the 3 way fridge can be run from a wall socket.

It is best to stick with a quality manufacturer such as those mentioned above. Avoid check knockoffs as their quality and reliability may not be so great. Used RV refrigerators from quality brands may be a good buy, as they will give you a good brand at a significant cost savings.

The addition of an RV refrigerator to your rolling home can really improve the quality of your vacations – and if you are a fulltime traveler, they are really an essential item.