Whether buying new or used, it is best to know what to expect when shopping for RV sport hauler trucks.

Buying New

The most popular model of new RV haulers is Freightliner. It is typical to find models a couple years old with little to no miles on them. That might be the way to go considering the price of a new model. A brand new RV sport hauler will generally have a sticker price of $120,000 to $130,000 or more. A decked out model can easily cost upwards of $200,000. The advantages of buying new are clear in that you don’t have to worry about any wear from a previous owner. If you have the means then a brand new sport hauler is the way to go.

Buying Used

You can find used RV sport haulers for under $100,000. It isn’t too hard to find used models in good running condition for as little as $75,000-$85,000. These models require considerable inspection to ensure their longevity. This kind of investment requires a diligent buyer to avoid a bad deal.

Given that RVing isn’t popular in all regions of the US, you may need to travel a lot to find the best deal. Check out various publications and websites to find the best deal.

Websites to Research RV Sport Hauler Trucks

Sporttruckrv.com – This site offers trucks from Arizona and if you’re going to buy from them I suggest you visit them personally to see all of their stock up close. There is a good selection of trucks, coaches and trailers to review. Compare these prices to other sites and dealers to find the best opportunity.

Rvhaulers.ca – This company is based in Calgary, Canada, so for most it will be a significant travel investment to check out their stock. The company is unique in that they refurbish and refinish older, used models of RV sport hauler trucks. They are very clear on their process of readying their stock for sale. They have a number of different price ranges available in their inventory. These trucks will be much cheaper than newer trucks. Buyers also have the option of customizing their trucks from existing stock or from an entirely different purchase. Again, use these prices to better understand the difference in cost and reliability between new and used truck models.

Use these tips to help you research buying an RV sport hauler truck. Only after you adequately research RV sport hauler trucks will you becompletely comfortable making such a large purchase.

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