Thinking about going RVing? RVs can be a fantastic way to travel without paying for expensive lodging. Not only are they fun to live in, but they’re generally affordable as well.

So you’ve decided to get an RV – but what type will you go for? Do you want a motorhome, with its own chassis, engine, etc.; or do you want a trailer that you will tow with your own vehicle?

There are a lot of factors to consider here. I’ll attempt to give you the most influential ones that will help you make the best decision.

So, RV vs. trailer: which is best for you?

Benefits of an RV Motorhome

RV Travel - Vacation
  1. Driving ease. A motorhome is one piece, and therefore much easier to drive than a car towing a trailer. With trailers, you have to deal with trailer sway, buying the right hitch, etc. Plus, you can back a motorhome into a location.
  2. Comfort. With an RV, you’re always in your home. If you want to drive, the drivers seat is a few steps away. You never have to leave your vehicle. This is especially nice in bad weather. Another advantage is that passengers can go wherever they want while you’re driving.
  3. Safety. Like I said, you never have to leave your vehicle. If you’re in an uncomfortable area, you can drive away without stepping outside. Also, motorhomes are generally higher up from the ground than the average car/truck – this is a big safety advantage as well (but as always, it depends on the motorhome… some are much less safe). And one more thing - the brakes on a motorhome are usually better than those of trailers.
  4. Ease of use. Simply drive to your spot, level, and set up.

Benefits of an RV Trailer

RV Trailer Interior
  1. Cost. Trailers are much, much less expensive than motorhomes. A luxury trailer will cost far less than a similar motorhome. Even when you factor in the cost of your towing vehicle, you still save money. It’s also much easier to get repairs done on a regular car than on a motorhome.
  2. Space. Trailers are usually much more spacious than motorhomes. Many trailers have a lot of slide outs, adding even more space (motorhomes sometimes have these, but they have fewer ones than trailers). A trailer will give you a nice spacious living area. Note: a 5th-wheel style trailer will give you even more space than a traditional pull trailer.
  3. The vehicle. You’ve got a car with your trailer – so if you need to run a quick errand, it’s way more convenient. Trying to park a big motorhome in a busy area can be a huge headache.
  4. Safety. Trailers with vehicles also have some safety benefits. There’s no flying furniture near you when you have to brake suddenly. Trucks are often safer than small motorhomes, especially the back passenger areas.

For those of you who want to stay in non-camping areas, like a wal-mart parking lot, motorhomes have another advantage. A parked motorhome looks like it’s simply parked, while a trailer looks like someone camping.

So which is right for you? It’s up to you to evaluate the advantages of each. It all depends on your style, how you travel, and your expectations.

Either way, RVing is a great form of travel, and you’ll have fun in either motorhome or trailer. Here’s to enjoying your new “house”!