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There are several options of rabbit pet insurance available in the UK. Rabbits make great first pets. They are easy to find, require relatively little initial investment and are easy to care for. As with all living creatures though, they are susceptible to a number of health problems. This is usually where the financial difficulties come in.


History of Pet Insurance


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The role of animals has evolved through the years. Originally, back in prehistoric times, animals were simply a source of meat and food. This lead to domestication and eventually to love and respect. Today, animals are often thought of as part of the family. This has lead to the rise of veterinary medicine. Everyone knows that medical care can quickly become expensive, thus pet insurance was born. It began in the 1970s.


What to Look for in Policies


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There are a number of options of pet insurance now available. When comparing pet policies, you should take into account price that you must pay and the benefits that this will give you. Look at what the policy covers like veterinary fees and boarding fees.


Another important part of the policy to look at is for how long these fees are covered. For example, say your rabbit gets arthritis. This is often an illnesses that requires prolonged, even lifelong treatment. One policy may only cover the fees associated with an illness for 12 months and then no more. If the rabbit comes down with another illness or health problem then that is covered, but the arthritis is not and all associated fees with the original arthritis are then the responsibility of the owner. Another pet insurance policy may cover the arthritis for the animal's entire life.


Cost of Pet Insurance


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Everyone is concerned with finances. The cost of pet insurance varies tremendously. Similar to human health insurance, pet insurance is specific to the individual pet. This is why researching each and every pet insurance option is important. You should take this seriously and put as much effort in finding out information about prices and benefits as you would your own health insurance.


We took a look at two options of pet insurance specifically geared for rabbits in the UK.


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Pets At Home - This pet insurance offers an annual coverage starting at ₤6.75 per month or lifetime coverage, starting at ₤7.95 per month. This covers the vet fees for 12 months of the disease or injury. After that they are not covered for that same illness or injury, though other injuries or illnesses are covered. The lifetime coverage also offers life insurance should your pet rabbit die.


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Pet Plan - This insurance gives you a right of up to ₤2,000 per year of veterinary fees, ₤750 per year of complementary treatments and ₤250 in boarding fees. This option provides coverage for ongoing illnesses for your rabbit.  The rabbit can be insured from the age of 6 weeks. The policy must be purchased before the rabbit turns 5 years old though. The policy is good for the rabbit's life, but older animals will not be covered if the insurance is not purchased before this age.


Caring for pets can be a strain on the wallet, especially with long-term illnesses. Rabbit pet insurance can help with this.