A Rabbit wine stopper would make the perfect gift for yourself or for family and friends that love their wine.

Now in our household, once a bottle of wine is opened, it is not likely there will be any left over, but on occasion it has happened, and then that bottle of red has become destined for the cooking pot in that next stew, simply because the bottle was not re-sealed very well after opening.

Or there may have been that fleeting thought about opening a second bottle of wine for your guests, but in the back of your mind was the concern about what to do with the leftover wine that does not get consumed and how easily it can go off in taste.

If you use a wine bottle stopper that seals completely, you will preserve that flavour for tomorrow.  No need to throw out good wine simply because the entire bottle was not consumed in one sitting.

There are many types of bottle stoppers on the market.  You can get silver wine stoppers that are perfect for wedding and anniversary gifts, but you can also get some that have perRabbit Wine Stoppersonality such as the rabbit wine stopper.

If you are going to stare at that bottle of wine after it has been opened, or be able to pick it out of the other bottles right away, then getting one with a bit of personality is fun and effective.

White Rabbit Bottle Stopper

These stoppers fit most wine bottles and are pewter based with a proper cork for fitting your wine bottle completely.  No more metal lids, or plastic with elastic around it (don’t laugh a friend of mine always did that put a piece of plastic on the bottle and an elastic band!)

Many people will not drink the wine from a bottle that has been opened for more than a day, they can usually taste the difference, but if the bottle is corked right away after using, it will preserve the flavour.

This is a great gadget to have if you want to open that bottle of red for your guests, but you know you will not be finishing it right away. 

Enhancing and preserving the flavour of your favourite wines is important.  You can get red wine aerators for letting your wine breathe with just the right amount of air added for the best flavour, and you can get the perfect rabbit wine stopper to keep that flavour in the bottle for next time.

If you know you will not be drinking the bottle completely right away, have  one of these stoppers handy and cork the bottle as soon as you have finished pouring it.  Use an aerator when you do go to pour another glass, and you will have the same great flavour down to the last drop.

You can get other characters on these stoppers, but this rabbit wine stopper has to be the cutest one yet!  You can get these at most good wine stores, and kitchen stores, but you can also get them online at sites such as Amazon.  There is a huge variety online, so go shopping and find one that fits your personality for a bit of fun at that next party.