Would you buy cookware from a TV personality that doesn't know how to chop onions properly, can't perfectly bake, and prefers to serve a dish with enough hullabaloos that could stir anyone next door? Yes, she's not exactly the chef-TV personality, but Rachel Ray can surprisingly make a food show, cookware, and other kitchen accessories all super hits. So, what would you exactly expect from Rachel Ray cookware: unassuming, streamlined, and simply functional. Read on to know more about Rachel Ray cookware, why this kitchenware set is the perfect basic tool, and more about this unassuming and present-day kitchen TV sensation.

Everything about Rachel Ray Cookware

Like her personality, Rachel Ray cookware is far from being traditional. Featuring vibrant colors that are far from the void of black and the coldness of steel, the Rachel Ray kitchenware is by itself a feast to the eye. But don't let the colors fool you, the Rachel Ray kitchenware may be too bold but, like her cooking style, is truly simplified.

Common Features of all Rachel Ray cookware include a Grippy Silicone handles that maintain coolness for up too 400 Fahrenheit, glass lids for easy monitoring, and offered with a lifetime limited warranty.

Rachel Ray 10-piece Hard Anodized Cookware is complete with everything you need for everyday cooking. And, since they are for everyday use, the Rachel Ray kitchenware is made durable and for fast, quick cooking. The 10-piece set includes saucepans, stockpot, skillets, and a sauté pan.

Rachel Ray Porcelain Enamel Nonstick Cookware is available in bright orange, warm chocolate, green, and playful blue colors. What most homemakers love about this set is that, first, the porcelain allows easy clean up, especially when you feel tired after a day's work, and, of course, the nonstick interior that needs little oil for dishing healthy meals that glides off the pan easily.

Available in 10-piece cookware set, this affordable basic kitchen tool collection include saucepans, stockpot with lid, sauté pan, and skillets. The riveted handles assure durability even when handling heavy broth for a party of ten.

Rachel Ray Stainless Steel Cookware Set is the perfect collection for super busy moms that needs quality, durable, and efficient kitchen tools for late night dinners. All items are designed with aluminum-caped bases for even and distributed heating system. The set looks elegant and stylish; combining the polish of stainless steel and understated orange hue, the collection is perfect for those who need something that could be a worthy investment.

Complete your kitchen with the basics: shop for the Rachel Ray Stainless Steel Cookware Set and get saucepans, skillets, stockpot, and sauté pan. All items are packed with matching lids.

Other Rachel Ray Signature Houseware Items

Complement the Rachel Ray cookware sets with these unique, durable, and truly functional finds:

Rachael Ray 8-Quart Hard-Anodized Covered Oval Pasta Pot comes after copper housewares when it comes to efficiency; this pasta pot is perfect for serving your fave pasta dish for a big and hungry group. Comfortable to handle and surprisingly easy to drain.

Rachael Ray 2-Piece Tong Set is fully equipped with heat-resistant silicone handles that is perfect for handling and turning even the most slippery of all foods.