Mario Cart Wii

with Wii Wheel

When using the Mario Cart Wii you can experience more enjoyable Wii graphics, new tracks, amazing game play and even more....

 As soon as you start racing you'll be able to see this is a quality game. You really will see the images are smooth and captivating. You will enjoy the many breathtaking courses. All of your attention will be peeked simply by realizing there are tantalizing new karts, characters, bikes and courses that you can unlock around every single corner. 

As a player you have to be a good racer but also need to learn how to be watchful of aggressive items from other characters and be tactical in making use of the things you receive. 

Bob-ombs will create an explosion in the heart of the track. Vehicles that run in to it will roll or spin out.

 Vehicles that rollover bananas are going to spin out.

 Spray ink on every single vehicle in front of you in order to momentarily decrease their field of vision. 

With a shake of your Wii Remote gamers can perform speed enhancing tricks. 

Race with your own personalized Mii characters and see other Mii characters which you have created cheering you own from the side lines on some of the race courses. 

If you would like play the game on your own then enjoy the single player Time Trials mode. You are going to be racing around many of the courses by yourself and trying to move very quickly and overcome your own past times. It's also possible to try and beat the "ghost" racers if you would like. In this mode you don't need to bother about any other characters of items. You just focus on being fast or merely enjoy driving around the courses if you do not really care about scores for the moment. 

The Wii Remote controller transforms the Wii Wheel into a steering wheel which feels natural in your hands. 

Don't like racing on four wheels, then simply hop on one of many new motorbikes for special techniques and tricks. 

The Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection makes all tracks and modes of play readily available and gamers can visit the Mario Kart Channel to check rankings, compete in tournaments, download ghost data and figure out when their friends are playing.

With the Wii Wheel you can feel like your Mario carrying out stunts and steering around obstructions whilst sitting in the security and luxury of ones own home. 

This is the game you will play the most on the Wii because you can just jump in and go. It is a game that is "fun for the whole family". 

If you have kids aged 3 and up (including the moms and dads) then the  Mario Kart Wii  is the game you should get. The Wii Wheel is optional but it really definitely makes the game more realistic, thus for the best fun experience purchase the Wheel at the same time.