Racing Live is one of my favorite Storm8 games. I have played it for about 1 1/2 years. I have restarted a couple times to refine my strategy. My strategy will get you an extremely high win to loss ratio.

The first thing you need to know about racing live is that there is a ton of loot that is only obtainable through doing missions. Anyone who concentrates on obtaining these extra loot items will have an advantage over people who don’t. The second thing that is important to Racing Live is that there are no city building to boost your attack or defense so you will have to rely on stats, cars and gear.

Keep your crew at 4. This will put you in the bracket of other people with crews of 1 to 4 people. Your upkeep cost will be lower since you will not have to support a huge crew. Make sure you max your handling as soon as possible. Put all extra income into your city buildings. Take your time leveling and allow your city to build. If you race anyone make sure they only have 1 or maybe 2 crew members. This will make you win almost every fight. Never attack more than 2 times of you risk being added to the payback list.

Stat points
When you level up you need to put your points mostly in attack(speed) with some in defense(handling). I would recommend putting 2 points in attack for every 1 you put into defense. Do not put any points into max fuel max integrity or max focus. Every mission you really need to do for extra loot items can be done with the 200 fuel you start with. Having high integrity is actually a bad thing. It allows people to attack you more. You can add a point into focus every 5 to 10 levels until you get about 10 focus.


You will want to concentrate on one mission at the beginning. As soon as you can do the mission “Race on Hollywood Hills” on the LA mission tab you need to do it. It only cost 36 focus and has no required number of crew members. The loot you get from this mission is Police Radio Scanner. This piece of equipment has a speed value of 2 and a handling value of 6. The upkeep is very low, only 200. After you have 4 of these loot items you need to do the mission “Beach-side Race” on the LA mission tab. This requires 92 focus so it will be slower to get loot items. The loot item you get from this mission is the Pro-Flo XT EFI Manifold. It has a speed value of 4 and a handling value of 4 with an upkeep of only 100. After getting 4 of these you will need to do the mission “Race Street Lord” on the LA mission tab. This gives you Illegal Engine Mods. This piece of gear has a speed value of 5 and a handling value of 1 with an upkeep cost of 70. After you have 4 of each of these extra loot items you need to start farming more of them for the future. I would recommend you go after Police Radio Scanners first. There are several more loot items on the next few tabs that you will want to add to your crew’s gear.

Eventually you will have to add additional crew members to complete new missions. Only add enough crew members to complete the mission you need for loot and always stay at the top of your bracket. This means you crew always needs to end in a 4 or a 9. Example would be 14 or 29. Pump all additional income into your city buildings and keep your crew fully geared with all items you can purchase as well as all loot items from mission. Continue to put 2 points into speed and 1 into handling until you reach level 75. Then switch to all points going into defense.

Most players in Racing Live do not realize there are loot items from the missions that you cant buy. This gives you an advantage. As long as you don’t make enemies you can slowly level, increase your city and your win to loss ratio will be huge.