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Attending a race driving school is a good item to put on a bucket list. One of the things to do before you die. It’s something even those not seriously interested in racing might like to do. Racing organizations require some level of training before allowing someone to compete. Participation and certification from an auto racing school qualifies people to race.  Entering and completing a racing school is a great deal of fun, even if a person doesn’t want to race.

Types of Racing Schools

There are race driving schools for all kinds of racing. Whatever type of auto racing activity a person is interested in, they will find a racing school that specializes in that form of racing. Most of these race schools offer several different programs that vary in amount of time spent on the track, and days of instruction. Time in these schools includes both classroom instruction and track time.

Go-Kart Racing Schools

Go-kart racing schools offer instruction for different classes of go-karts. There are programs for karts with different engine sizes and configurations. Racing programs are similar between the schools. They have a half-day program with classroom instruction and some track time. The more extensive programs cover several days and include different areas of racing such as pit stops, starts and yellow track conditions.

Oval Racing Schools

These schools can take place on a third, quarter or half mile dirt track. These cars can be midget, sprint, stock car or dirt modified cars. Former drivers with a recognizable name and several years experience of winning races teach or own some of these. Paved tracks of the same distance are used for the same cars. Some classes use mile paved tracks for a variety of race cars.

Road Race Tracks

These tracks are paved, with a variety of left and right hand turns and changes in elevation. Auto racing schools use these tracks for go-karts, sports, stock, modified and open wheeled race cars and motorcycles. Almost any type of racing vehicle can compete on a road race track.

Stock Car Racing

There are several schools owned by former well-known stock car racers that have won major NASCAR races and championships. Some of these have an instructor inside the car with the student. This makes learning easier, but can also be intimidating.


Pick the Right Racing Program

If the student is interested in auto racing, they should find out what series the school qualifies them for after graduation. The prospective driver should choose the racing school that closest matches the type of racing they want to do. If a person wants to race stock cars they should get in a stock car racing school. If one wants to race open wheeled cars, they should pick an appropriate program. Some racing schools offer a partial day course that offers instruction and on track driving at a controlled speed. These abbreviated programs are good to give as a birthday present and a driver may find out if they really want to take the full racing program. Some auto racing schools offer an advanced program that require students have substantial racing experience before they can take the course.