Strolling through your adult entertainment venue a couple of things may immediately stand out. The strong smell of industrial cleaning products cannot be avoided. You also cannot help but notice all of the starlets on the posters hanging overhead look alike. Young, blonde and pert dominates what are considered marketable characteristics in adult cinema.

Racism within adult cinema is downplayed in mainstream society. Pornography is the last bastion of society that can discriminate based on race and not be persecuted for it. Many customers are blissfully unaware of the racial issues that occurred within the industry.

In the early 90's, statements regarding racism within the world of adult cinema were released. Top white starlets stated they would never shoot interracial scenes with African American men because their price per scene would be lowered. After making such statements, the anticipated backlash from the public never occurred. The sentiments were accepted as part of the business. While interracial flicks have become quite a successful niche, there are still higher earning starlets who will not appear in them. There are customers that would never want to see their favorite stars engage in interracial scenes.

More disconcerting than the sentiment toward African American males is the sentiment toward potential African American starlets. When photos of girls are reviewed, Caucasian starlets are automatically categorized as universally marketable. African American starlets must posses very unique talents to be considered as bankable in adult cinema. Other minorities including Asians and Latinas have strong customer followings and are offered more per film. African-American starlets are offered less money to act in adult films due to their lack of marketability.

Many would not hesitate to mention starlets of color like Jada Fire and Havana Ginger. These women have received many accolades in the adult industry but never garnered the exposure of white counterparts such as Jenna Jameson and Sasha Grey. Ms. Jameson and Ms. Grey managed to cross into mainstream entertainment and evolve into household names. Crossover success for an adult actress generates income for a life after adult movies. Many actresses of color seem to fade away and still must seek regular jobs after their life in porn is over.

Many customers are unaware that the top grossing ethnic adult movie companies are owned and operated by Caucasians. Afro-Centric being one of them. There is a notable absence of minorities in roles of ownership and production in the adult film industry. A lack of minority customers is also cited as a reason why people of color are not valued more within the adult industry.

The adult industry is the last acceptable arena for racism. As long as customers do not care, the industry does not bother.