Oprah IS A Mass Media Hoax Herself, She's Also A Vile Racist

Racist Oprah Winfrey
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One can only imagine Oprah Winfrey has always been a racist.  It's extremely doubtful she became one over the years, and after having become a billionaire.  Such things don't much happen with success.  You don't literally often hear of someone who's become extremely wealthy from sales of nonsensical television, etc; to races of person one hates, who learned to become a racist for all the wealth the hated race brought to that person.  No, that isn't how it goes, Oprah Winfrey must have surely always been the vile racist she is now.

Today, one can unequivocally state and without protest from the facts of Oprah's own speech that Oprah is a race hustler, a racist, and of the same ilk as B.H. Obama, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton.  It's probably merely true Oprah is simply the most intelligent of that lot, as she's got the most money, and has been at her game as a modern mass media celebrity for a long long time, and has only now began to show who she really is, who she always was, and that she is nothing more than the embodiment of a racist.

You have to ask yourself, "are statements made only deemed non-racist for the person making the statement being a minority?"  If so, the statement is and was racist.  Equality means equality.  If something would be wrong for shoes on the other feet, then it was just wrong to begin with.  Caucasians have long known they would lose jobs, and be involved in social disaster for saying racist things, but if the goal is equality, then the same standards have to be met by everyone, or there is still racism involved.  

The Woman And The Purse

The Purse
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The Purse Incident

Now probably you've heard of Oprah's racist purse fiasco, where Oprah slandered some woman for Oprah's race baiting one trick show.  Now granted, there is nothing here but one person's word against another person's word.  When you constantly hear how Oprah Winfrey claims everyone is a racist, you do learn that Oprah has no credibility in her words, she only has a stupid face recognized by all the world over, a race card, and about a billion dollars.

The Swiss woman says she told Oprah the bag she wanted to see was just like some other bags less troublesome to get to, but that she'd let her see the $38,000 crocodile bag if she wanted[1].  In Oprah's bigoted child's mind, the incident is racist because...because white people exist, and a white lady didn't jump for Oprah being a racist bigot with a billion dollars.  I believe Oprah incidents in the time following Oprah's purse incident provide enough circumstantial evidence to show Oprah is a person who sees racists everywhere, especially, I'd wager, Oprah sees one in the mirror.


Racists Everywhere
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Racists Everywhere!

No doubt about it, racism is a tricky topic, but when one is ruled by fear, they are unable to address the topic properly.  Oprah sees racists everywhere.  If someone doesn't jump to show her a $38,000 crocodile purse, then Oprah either 1. sees it as a racist incident or 2. knows the incident has nothing to do with racism, but chooses to play her billion dollar race card for the media, because she's essentially nothing more than a no talent media whore seeking validation for racism in the USA and Europe, both places which have never before been LESS racist than they do today.

You have to admit that if you've made a large part of your income and life's memorable things from being a minority, that the death of racism is horrifying to you.  If racism no longer exists, or is no longer the huge issue it once was, then someone like Oprah is then a less valid celebrity.  She's surely frightened, but everyone should be granted a Mulligan here and there.  Everyone is granted some forgiveness, so long as they're not white, that is.

You compare Oprah to Paula Deen, I mean I sure do.  Paula Deen lost her livelihood for having said some things TWENTY FIVE years ago, racist things.  Oprah Winfrey says racist things often in the present, but it's okay for her in the minds of lots of folks, but it isn't okay for her in MY mind.  Racism is racism.  Being African American doesn't make racism okay.

The next big fiasco involved Oprah stating something impossibly stupid.  She essentially said criticism of Obama was motivated by racism.  The implication was that were Obama completely white, then there would be no disagreement with Obama's anti Constitutional policies, and that notion, of course, besides being false, was another racist statement by Ms. Winfrey.  You have to wonder just where Oprah was during the George W. Bush administration.  Did she think criticism of Bush was racially motivated?  No, no she did not, and the reason was, obviously, W.Bush was white, so it was okay to criticise him, but it's not okay to disagree with Obama in the feeble mind of our billion dollar celebrity.

"Old Southern Whites Must Die"

You know, Oprah never met any of my grandparents, and she's not met my parents, and so far as I can tell, she's never met anyone in my home town.  I'm thrilled she's never been here, we don't want racists like Oprah in Kaufman, Texas.  Oprah is doing the biggest disservice to African Americans I've ever seen outside of the Trayvon Martin case.  You know, ever time Oprah says something stupid, or imagines someone is racist for not asking how high to jump when she thinks they should be jumping - real issues of racism are ignored.

Lets take a look at the dumbest thing she's possibly ever said,

there are still generations of people, older people, who were born and bred and marinated in it, in that prejudice, and they just have to die.[2]"

I'm not sure if anyone ever bothered explaining the facts of life to a billion dollar race baiting celebrity like Oprah Winfrey, but the facts of life are this:  Having been born, we all have to die.  We do not have to pay taxes, we do not have to support Obama, and we do not have to show Oprah a $38,000 crocodile purse, having been born, we have to die.  That is the only thing we have to do.

Aren't you glad Oprah has a standard of humanity that she feels must be met?  She's got a standard, of course, and a double standard.  George W. Bush faced every bit the rabid criticism Obama faces, but in Oprah's mind, only criticism of Obama is racially motivated.  Why is that?  Well, there can only be one answer, and you already know what the answer is.  This is exceedingly sad, it's so sad because for decades now, Americans of all races, creeds, sexes, and ideologies have accepted Oprah, but Oprah has a fixation on older Southern Whites, and anyone who disagrees with the policies of Obama.  The message she has seems clear, Oprah isn't interested in equality, she's interested in using dirty tricks to promote herself, and Obama.  The same dirty tricks used over and over and over again in not just the name of Obama, but the United Nation's anti-gun, "Trayvon looks like my son, therefore guns are evil" nonsense so many Americans are so hell bent on stupidity they buy into it.

What a disgrace this Winfrey woman is!  Obama is the most anti-American POTUS there has ever been.  Why do I say this?  He's the first POTUS to ever deny that American citizens have no rights to due process, and he's the most rabid anti-gun POTUS to have ever existed as well.  Without the 2nd amendment, there is nothing to protect the citizens' other rights, and Oprah says you're a racist if you don't like her pimp's global government manipulations.  Oprah is a disgusting two faced mass media clown. Don't like the obvious disaster Obamacare has proved itself to be?  Oprah says you're a racist.  Don't like the notion the government is attempting to force the citizens to purchase a thing they may not want, need, and at a higher price than before?  Oprah says you're a racist.I hate her for her being a rabid dog biting the hand that has fed her, a racist, and a disgrace to everyone of all races living in the USA.

If You Didn't Like Bush, That's Not Racism, But If You Don't Like Obama, It's Racism...In Oprah-Land

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