Racquetball is an American sport that involves a stringed racquet and a hollow rubber ball. The sport can either be played indoors or outdoors although the majority of people play it in an indoor court. All surfaces, including the roof, side walls and back walls are legal playing surfaces; this is what really separates racquetball from other racquet sports.

Your standard game of racquetball is played between two participants, however variations exist where three and even four players are involved in a game. One on one is either called singles or 'One up'. Two on one goes by either 'Cut Throat' or 'Ironman' and involves the two player team to take turns hitting the ball against their opponent. Playing 'California' is when you play three players as 'singles', the person who lost the last point sits in the back court until the other two players have completed the next point. Finally, two on two, like Tennis, is called Doubles.


In order to play Racquetball you will need at the bare minimum a few pieces of equipment.
  • 2 Racquets
  • 1 racquetball court
  • 1 racquetball
  • 2 pairs of racquetball goggles (optional)

Obviously, like any sport, you are going to want appropriate running shoes that provide some ankle support. You may also want to get a racquetball glove in order to maintain better grip on your racquet. Sweat bands are also something that is definitely recommended as most individuals sweat a lot when playing and sweatbands help to keep the sweat out of your eyes.