For parents, one of the most important things they regard with the highest importance is purchasing products that will keep their kids safe. Whether it's choosing organic foods or toys that are free of lead paint, the car seat that you're child rides in on a regular basis needs to keep your child safe.

If you are looking for a car seat that provides convience and safety, than the Radian convertible car seats from Sunshine Kids may be the car seat that you are looking for. A convertible car seat is a good investment because they can be used from infancy and up. The seats can seats can be installed so that they are rear facing for an infant and then turned to be front-facing when the infant is older. Keeping your child safe is of the utmost importance and Sunshine Kids prides themselves on creating car seats that are safe, attractive and functional.

Radian car seats are unique because they are the only foldable convertible car seat on the market! They fold down to approximately 6.5 inches. What can be more convenient then being able to fold the car seat and go? If you ever need to transport you car seat nothing can be more cumbersome and awkward than trying to carry your car seat around. What's even better is that they are approved for Aircraft use. Can you imagine how easy it will be boarding a plan with a convertible car seat that can be carried on you back?

Besides the convenience of folding it easily for travel, Radian convertible car seats are safe! It is the only car seat with a full, steel alloy frame for industrial strength. They have ample padding with EPS safety foam and side protection, a 5-point harness, LATCH equipped and 5 shoulder and 3 buckle positions. This is a great convertable car seat for parents that have to install multiple car seats across in their car as the design of the Radians allow all three to fit easily.

The Radian car seats come in three different styles, Radain 65, Radian 80 and Radian XT. Each seat has it's own unique features, however some of the differences is that with the Radian 65, this seat can be used forward facing until a child is 65 pounds. The Radian 80 can be used forward facing up until a child is 80 pounds. The Radian XT can also be used forward facing up until 80 pounds, however the main difference is the adjustable head restraint that is not part of the harness system.

The Radian convertible car seats offer incredible safety with a stylish look and longevity for a growing child. It makes sense to do a comparison among the models to pick which with work best for your child. As you do, you know you'll be getting a seat the offers an incredible amount of safety to last your child a long time.