Who wouldn't want to wake up to some of their favorite bands, or singers? Music is a great way to not only wake up, but to wake up and start the day out the proper way. You can program radio alarm clocks with a CD player to one of your favorite songs, and wake up with a peaceful mind. We all require 8 hours of sleep. Even adults do. Alarm clocks have proven to help adults and children sleep better at night. All good radio alarm clocks, or any alarm clock for that matter needs a good snooze button. That way you can psychologically program your body to get up much easier, especially for those heavy sleepers who sleep like a brick wall throughout the night. Always purchase a good alarm clock with a snooze button to program your body to get up better, and feel much more rested. Down below are some of the highly recommended and reasonably priced radio alarm clocks with a CD player out on the market.

Jensen JCR-332 AM/FM Dual Alarm Clock Radio with CD Player

The Jensen is one of the cheaper and highly recommended digital CD radio alarm clock to purchase. You can program it to wake up to your favorite CD, radio station, or program it to set off a buzz. Whichever way wakes you up the best in the morning. The reception volume on the radio and CD player is pretty good. It's not the loudest sounding CD player, but then again you don't really need that for an alarm clock radio. Just enough sound for you to notice. The sound has very little, to no distortion at all according to customer feedback. It's also iPod and MP3 compatible. Sleep and snooze features are also included. This is one of the top rated CD alarm clocks out on the market. You can purchase it for a good deal online at sears, buy.com, and overstock.com.


Jensen AM/FM Dual Alarm Clock Radio

The Coby CDRA147 is a pretty cheap dual alarm clock with a CD player to purchase out on the market. A digital clock with a four digital LED display is featured, along with a top loading CD player, and a full range stereo speaker system. Wake up to the sound of your favorite CD artists, radio station, or to a buzzer sound that will get you up on your feet. The dual alarm clock will wake up heavy sleepers, and a snooze timer is also included for extra sleep. It's MP3 compatible as well. You can get a really good deal if you shop online at amazon.

Coby CDRA147 Digital AM/FM Dual Alarm Clock Radio

Sony ICF-CD815 AM/FM Stereo CD Clock Radio with Dual Alarm

Dual Alarm clocks are very popular and effective methods to use. Some people require a few different methods to waking up in the morning. The Son dual radio alarm clock with a CD player is one of the most featured and recommended products out on the market. You can either wake up to a sound effect, your favorite CD, or your favorite radio station. Two different wake up times will activate, that way it will be sure to not fail as an alarm system. The digital green LED is quite visible and easy to read in the dark at night. Also the extendable snooze feature is a nice little perk. Just press on the snooze, and it will extend your sleep for an extra 10 minutes. You can get the best deals online at  amazon. There are some refurbished Sony alarm radio clocks going for really low prices at amazon.

Sony CD Clock Radio for iPod ICFCD31PSIL

This is one of the most popular radio alarm clocks with a CD player out on the market. It goes for prices under a hundred dollars online. It's a pretty dynamic alarm clock with quite a few features on it. You can hook up your iPhone, or iPod player, and have your favorite tunes pop on to wake up with. Or you can use the CD player, the radio, or a buzzer. The radio alarm features include stereo speakers, dual alarm, snooze function, an LED screen for visible displays of the time, and a multi-level brightness control. The clock will also keep you updated on daylight savings time as well. A remote control is included as well to keep control of your music. You can purchase online at target.

Sony ICF-CD815 AM/FM Stereo CD Clock Radio with Dual Alarm

Sony ICFCD3iP 30-Pin iPod/iPhone Alarm Clock Speaker Dock with CD Player